AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-06replace iteritems with itemsHEADmasterDoug Hellmann
2018-06-06update print statement to work for python 2 and 3Doug Hellmann
2018-06-06replace file with openDoug Hellmann
2018-02-22Update homepage url for freezer7.0.0.0b1Nguyen Hung Phuong
2017-09-21Cleanup test-requirements6.0.0.0rc16.0.0.0b36.0.0.0b26.0.0zhangyangyang
2017-08-14Fix wrong linksyfzhao
2017-08-02Removed unused config options5.0.0.0rc15.0.0Tomasz Trębski
2017-07-20Merge "Fix update nodes in fencers"
2017-07-20Update .gitignoreArundhati Surpur
2017-07-18Fix update nodes in fencersSaad Zaher
2017-07-14Merge "Refactor evacuators"Jenkins
2017-07-13Refactoring fencersSaad Zaher
2017-07-13Refactor evacuatorsSaad Zaher
2017-05-22Update freezer-dr for pike goal python Zaher
2017-04-05Merge "Remove py34 from tox"
2017-04-05Remove py34 from toxVitaliy
2017-04-04Remove unused components from requirementsVitaliy
2017-03-02[Fix gate]Update test requirementricolin
2017-02-02Merge "Remove link to modindex"
2017-02-02Merge "Added pbr version in as it's required"Jenkins
2017-02-02Added pbr version in as it's requiredSaad Zaher
2017-01-27Remove link to modindexRajiv Kumar
2017-01-17Add LICENSE file4.0.0.0b3Cao Xuan Hoang
2016-12-12Allow Monasca driver to process enabled nodes only4.0.0.0b2Saad Zaher
2016-12-07Merge "Change according to preferred word choice"Jenkins
2016-11-29Add gencofig tox targetVitaliy
2016-11-29Change according to preferred word choiceVitaliy
2016-11-25Merge "Show team and repo badges on README"Jenkins
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-11-23Added python-monascaclient and Added more doc for Monasca driverSaad Zaher
2016-11-21Notify if metrics are not defined or not added for hostsSaad Zaher
2016-11-17Implemented Monasca Monitoring DriverSaad Zaher
2016-11-17Merge "Refactor the base monitoring driver"Jenkins
2016-11-17Refactor the base monitoring driverSaad Zaher
2016-11-17Added py35 environement configuration to tox.iniSaad Zaher
2016-11-14Merge "Docstrings should not start with a space"Jenkins
2016-11-03Updating freezer-dr osclientSaad Zaher
2016-09-27Docstrings should not start with a spaceCao Xuan Hoang
2016-09-16Updating requirementsSaad Zaher
2016-06-06Allow the evacuator to enable passing shared storage parameter to nova3.0.0.0rc13.0.0.0b33.0.0.0b2stable/newtonSaad Zaher
2016-06-05Remvoe Version from Freezer-drSaad Zaher
2016-05-12Added .gitreview3.0.0.0b1Saad Zaher
2016-05-11Updating notification templatesSaad Zaher
2016-05-11Updating freezer-dr versionSaad Zaher
2016-05-10Merge branch 'master' of Zaher
2016-05-10Updating setup.cfg and README filesSaad Zaher
2016-05-10Updating setup.cfg and README filesSaad Zaher
2016-05-09Adding pep8, pylint, coverage, sphinx testingSaad Zaher
2016-05-09Removing .gitreviewSaad Zaher
2016-05-09freezer-dr big bangSaad Zaher