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masterUpdate doc links according to OpenStack document migrationsunjiazz4 months
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2018-02-11Update doc links according to OpenStack document migrationHEADmastersunjiazz
2017-06-21Use botocore instead of boto3Pengju Jiao
2017-06-04Increase s3 driver supportPengju Jiao
2017-05-04Added .testrepository in testenvDeepak Jon
2017-04-10Optimize the link addressDeepaJon
2017-04-03Change assignee for puppet specVitaliy
2017-03-23Freezer puppet manifests specVitalii Nogin
2017-03-16Added Pike directory for pike specsSaad Zaher
2017-03-16Merge "Migrating to relational db from ES"Jenkins
2017-03-16Merge "Cinder volumes backup using os-brick from Freezer"Jenkins