BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteradd python 3.6 unit test jobqingszhao6 weeks
stable/newtonUpdated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot2 years
stable/ocataimport zuul job settings from project-configqingszhao9 weeks
stable/pikeimport zuul job settings from project-configqingszhao9 weeks
stable/queensimport zuul job settings from project-configqingszhao7 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge e68011ed5f...OpenStack Release Bot6 months
6.0.0commit 5c990707ea...OpenStack Release Bot8 months 5c990707ea...OpenStack Release Bot8 months 6746550139...OpenStack Release Bot9 months ea53eea023...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
newton-eolcommit 10fd008777...Tony Breeds12 months
5.0.0commit 9ed92d4974...OpenStack Release Bot14 months 9ed92d4974...OpenStack Release Bot14 months e779891638...OpenStack Release Bot15 months
mitaka-eolcommit 877bb511c6...Joshua Hesketh16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-12add python 3.6 unit test jobHEADmasterqingszhao
2018-09-12import zuul job settings from project-configqingszhao
2018-09-06Use Storyboards to replace Release, Blueprints and bugs linkZhijunWei
2018-08-30fix tox python3 overrideshuang.zhiping
2018-08-30Merge "Add test 'node_modules' in '.gitignore'"Zuul
2018-08-17Drop nose dependenciesAkihiro Motoki
2018-07-19Add test 'node_modules' in '.gitignore'Qian Min Chen
2018-07-02Merge "Imported Translations from Zanata"Zuul
2018-06-19Avoid using deprecated opt in Web-UIKent Wu
2018-06-16Imported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot