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2018-12-17Update mailinglist from dev to discussCai Hui
2017-08-10Remove warning-is-error from setup.cfg to fix releasePierre-Arthur MATHIEU
2017-07-04Merge "Enable warnings as errors"Jenkins
2017-06-21Correcting authorVan Hung Pham
2017-05-26Enable warnings as errorsDeepaJon
2017-03-11The Python 3.5 is addedkavithahr
2016-08-03Fix jenkins failedzhurong
2016-02-09Add Sphinx doc buildFausto Marzi
2015-11-17Fix versions for LibertyErno Kuvaja
2015-11-13Bumping version for release kilo and pypi release1.1.3Fausto Marzi
2015-11-12Improved horizon dashboard for freezermemo
2015-10-19Prepare to use wheelmemo
2015-06-21First version of setup.pyJonas Pfannschmidt