AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-22Possible fix for glance swift sslHEADmasterProskurin Kirill
2017-03-10Merge "Store sensitive configs in secret"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "Check create_certificates option before exporting certificate"Jenkins
2017-03-06Store sensitive configs in secretAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-03Merge "Adjust to per-service configuration"Jenkins
2017-03-02Check create_certificates option before exporting certificateSergey Kraynev
2017-02-28Adjust to per-service configurationAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-22TLS support for Glance servicesSergey Kraynev
2017-02-21Merge "Ceph packages are no longer available in the main repo"Jenkins
2017-02-21Merge "Moving tls flag from percona to db group"Jenkins
2017-02-20Moving tls flag from percona to db groupAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-20Ceph packages are no longer available in the main repoProskurin Kirill
2017-02-20Fix for import of the rbd python libraryProskurin Kirill
2017-02-16Merge "Add DB sync action"Jenkins
2017-02-16Return back keystone section to glance-registrySergey Kraynev
2017-02-16Fix typoSergey Kraynev
2017-02-15Merge "Use keystone_authtoken macros for auth"Jenkins
2017-02-15Add DB sync actionSergey Reshetnyak
2017-02-15Use keystone_authtoken macros for authSergey Reshetnyak
2017-02-13Add DB SSL supportProskurin Kirill
2017-01-25Merge "We have to wait for the service project create"Jenkins
2017-01-19Fix notifications configuration for stable/mitakaKirill Bespalov
2017-01-19Add annotations for prometheusBartosz Kupidura
2017-01-18We have to wait for the service project createProskurin Kirill
2017-01-13Revert messaging template namekbespalov
2017-01-12Fixing indentations in configsAndrey Pavlov
2017-01-10Fix oslo notifications configsKirill Bespalov
2016-12-28Fixing notifications for glanceAndrey Pavlov
2016-12-27Fix typo in glance-api configPeter Razumovsky
2016-12-26Removed unneded probes. Merry Xmas!Proskurin Kirill
2016-12-22Merge "Add searchlight notification driver condition"Jenkins
2016-12-22Merge "Use url instead of"Jenkins
2016-12-22Use url instead of github.comSergey Kraynev
2016-12-21Add searchlight notification driver conditionPeter Razumovsky
2016-12-09Merge "Remove cinder_catalog_into"Jenkins
2016-12-09Merge "We decided to use lowercased booleans"Jenkins
2016-12-09Merge "Glance user should belong to service project, not admin"Jenkins
2016-12-09Glance user should belong to service project, not adminIlya Shakhat
2016-12-08Remove cinder_catalog_intoProskurin Kirill
2016-12-08We decided to use lowercased booleansProskurin Kirill
2016-12-08Remove api related options from registry configProskurin Kirill
2016-12-07Add option for ignore invalid SSL certificates in Swift endpoint.Andrey Shestakov
2016-12-06Merge "Enable http store in glance"Jenkins
2016-12-05Fix hardcode in ceph optionsIgor Yozhikov
2016-12-01Enable http store in glanceSergey Reshetnyak
2016-11-22Merge "Adding minimal dsl version for services"Jenkins
2016-11-22Merge "Adjust urls with new 'address' functionality"Jenkins
2016-11-21Adding minimal dsl version for servicesAndrey Pavlov
2016-11-19Add LICENSE fileSergey Lukjanov
2016-11-18Add glance user to microservices groupYuriy Taraday