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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-20Ceph packages are no longer available in the main repoProskurin Kirill
2017-02-20Fix for import of the rbd python libraryProskurin Kirill
2016-11-18Add glance user to microservices groupYuriy Taraday
2016-11-18Add upgrade definitionYuriy Taraday
2016-11-14Move repository address to variable url.ceph.debian.repoArtur Zarzycki
2016-10-19Ceph supportProskurin Kirill
2016-10-19Merge "Fix ceph dir glance permissions"Jenkins
2016-10-18Convert parent image specification to image_spec callsYuriy Taraday
2016-10-14Fix ceph dir glance permissionsProskurin Kirill
2016-10-14Merge "Cleanup pip arguments"Jenkins
2016-10-13Cleanup pip argumentsYuriy Taraday
2016-10-12Fix glance permissionsProskurin Kirill
2016-10-10Run glance fron non-rootProskurin Kirill
2016-09-09Remove python-rbd and python-rados installationAleksandr Mogylchenko
2016-08-26Adding default configs to build from git repoAndrey
2016-07-25Changing openstackclient commandsAndrey
2016-06-28First version of glanceArtur Zarzycki