AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-16Remove elasticsearch code from stacklight repoHEADmasterPeter Razumovsky
2017-02-02Install openjdk from backports repoSergey Reshetnyak
2017-01-25Fix influxdb without grafanaAndrey Pavlov
2017-01-11Start using grafana from fuel-ccp-grafanaBartosz Kupidura
2016-12-26Removed unneded probes. Merry Xmas!Proskurin Kirill
2016-12-05Use "address" func when it's possibleAndrey Pavlov
2016-11-22Merge "Adding minimal dsl version for services"Jenkins
2016-11-21Adding minimal dsl version for servicesAndrey Pavlov
2016-11-19Add LICENSE fileSergey Lukjanov
2016-11-07Switch hindsight to 9.0-latest snapshot repoYuriy Taraday
2016-10-26Ports configuration refactoringAndrey Pavlov
2016-10-26Migrate liveness check to new formatAleksandr Mogylchenko
2016-10-25Changing "daemonset" flag in service def to "kind" paramAndrey Pavlov
2016-10-18Convert parent image specification to image_spec callsYuriy Taraday
2016-10-07Convert all stacklight configs to nestedYuriy Taraday
2016-09-29Using "node_name" instead of custom env varsAndrey
2016-09-26Fix typo in Grafana graph0.1.0Éric Lemoine
2016-09-23Fix network graphs in GrafanaÉric Lemoine
2016-09-22Use base-tools as the base for alarm-managerÉric Lemoine
2016-09-21Implement alarm-managerOlivier Bourdon
2016-09-21Merge "Add a "container_name" field to OS services in ES"Jenkins
2016-09-21Merge "Fix YAML content for proper CI acceptance"Jenkins
2016-09-21Fix YAML content for proper CI acceptanceOlivier Bourdon
2016-09-21Merge "Fixed inconsistency with SeverityLabel in ovs"Jenkins
2016-09-20Merge "Add cluster name to afd annotations"Jenkins
2016-09-20Add a "container_name" field to OS services in ESProskurin Kirill
2016-09-20Fixed inconsistency with SeverityLabel in ovsProskurin Kirill
2016-09-19Merge "Remove unneeded ENV, we already have it in base image"Jenkins
2016-09-19Remove unneeded ENV, we already have it in base imageProskurin Kirill
2016-09-19Add cluster name to afd annotationsÉric Lemoine
2016-09-16Yaml linter execution and config improvedSergey Lukjanov
2016-09-16Merge "Add alarm annotations in Grafana dashboard"Jenkins
2016-09-16Merge "Add Lua code for alarming"Jenkins
2016-09-15Merge "Add cronjob for elasticsearch indices cleanup"Jenkins
2016-09-15Add cronjob for elasticsearch indices cleanupProskurin Kirill
2016-09-15Merge "Unhardcode elasticsearch and kibana version"Jenkins
2016-09-15Add alarm annotations in Grafana dashboardÉric Lemoine
2016-09-15Add Lua code for alarmingÉric Lemoine
2016-09-15Unhardcode elasticsearch and kibana versionProskurin Kirill
2016-09-14Fix typo in Hindsight InfluxDB Lua codeÉric Lemoine
2016-09-14Merge "Add support for multi-value metrics"Jenkins
2016-09-13Add support for multi-value metricsÉric Lemoine
2016-09-13Adapt to new fuel-ccp rendering approachDmitriy Ukhlov
2016-09-13Add SMART data to Grafana System dashboardOlivier Bourdon
2016-09-13Add SMART monitoringOlivier Bourdon
2016-09-13Update SnapÉric Lemoine
2016-09-12Merge "Use date_time lib for lpeg grammar parsing"Jenkins
2016-09-08Merge "Make the Heka build less fragile"Jenkins
2016-09-08Merge "Remove "passthru" Snap plugin"Jenkins
2016-09-08Make the Heka build less fragileÉric Lemoine