BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAllow to disable printing expected runtime errors in SSHAuthDennis Dmitriev5 weeks
release/2.9Restrict libvirt-python 4.1.0Vladimir Khlyunev5 months
stableUpdate .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley3 years
3.0.5commit 8fb07e2cc1...Vladimir Kuklin16 months
3.0.4commit 236a605026...Vladimir Kuklin16 months
2.9.24commit 5f094dd850...Vladimir Kuklin17 months
3.0.3commit f045b875d3...Vladimir Kozhukalov21 months
3.0.2commit 5c94ae2886...Vladimir Kozhukalov22 months
2.9.23commit ad2389be13...Aleksandra Fedorova24 months
3.0.1commit 6e970b1c05...Aleksandra Fedorova24 months
2.9.22commit cdcfc40d36...Aleksandra Fedorova24 months
2.9.21commit 2520d9a701...Aleksandra Fedorova2 years
2.9.20commit f4ee1845ed...Aleksandra Fedorova (bookwar)2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-14Allow to disable printing expected runtime errors in SSHAuthHEADmasterDennis Dmitriev
2018-06-14Fix copypasted var name in Environment.snapshot()Dennis Dmitriev
2018-05-15Add virtual bmcDmitry Tyzhnenko
2018-04-25Restrict libvirt-python version not higher than 4.0.xDennis Dmitriev
2018-03-07Restrict libvirt-python 4.1.0Vladimir Khlyunev
2018-02-25Avoid race condition using parallel fuel-devops env manipulationsDennis Dmitriev
2017-12-15Add 'has_videocard' libvirt node attributeDennis Dmitriev
2017-12-11Add shared backing storageDmitry Tyzhnenko
2017-12-08Ensure networks are running before starting nodeAlex Schultz
2017-12-08Generate a coverage report at the root of the projectDennis Dmitriev