AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-10Merge "[puppet4] Fix fuel::cobbler task"Jenkins
2017-03-10Merge "Make ovs-vswitchd restart instead of stop/start"Jenkins
2017-03-10Merge "Workaround of use_neutron option"Jenkins
2017-03-09Merge "Add ability to set url_base for staticweb middleware"Jenkins
2017-03-09Merge "Update yaql for limits and fix typo"Jenkins
2017-03-09Add ability to set url_base for staticweb middlewareMykyta Karpin
2017-03-08Remove duplicate variable declaration in the compute manifestVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-07Merge "Set libvirt service name to libvirtd for UCA"Jenkins
2017-03-07Merge "Bootstrap default cells_v2 setup"Jenkins
2017-03-07Merge "Add nova placement API configuration"Jenkins
2017-03-07Merge "Switch cinder api to use WSGI"Jenkins
2017-03-07Add undef2nil functionDmitry Ilyin
2017-03-07[puppet4] Fix fuel::mcollective taskMykyta Karpin
2017-03-07[puppet4] Bump postgresql versionMykyta Karpin
2017-03-07[puppet4] Fix fuel::cobbler taskMykyta Karpin
2017-03-07Workaround of use_neutron optionMykyta Karpin
2017-03-07Bootstrap default cells_v2 setupVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-06Add nova placement API configurationVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-06Set libvirt service name to libvirtd for UCAVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-06Remove setting of revoke driver in keystone.confVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-06Switch cinder api to use WSGIVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-06Support a "mirror" method of apt-getMichael Polenchuk
2017-03-06Merge "Revert setting local memcached server for swift proxy"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "Raise start limit burst for dnsmasq"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "Make tasks upload on package upgrade idempotent"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "Set keystone::endpoint::version explicitly"Jenkins
2017-03-06Raise start limit burst for dnsmasqVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-05Make tasks upload on package upgrade idempotentVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-03Set keystone::endpoint::version explicitlyMykyta Karpin
2017-03-03Merge "Mask neutron services"Jenkins
2017-03-02Revert setting local memcached server for swift proxyOleksiy Molchanov
2017-03-02Merge "Set metadata_workers for nova"Jenkins
2017-03-01Merge "Add default graphs sequence"Jenkins
2017-03-01Port for distributed serialization addedAlexander Kislitsky
2017-03-01Merge "Revert: Scale controllers up/down using pacemaker m-mode"Jenkins
2017-03-01Merge "Support bonds of subinterfaces while merge interface_properties"Jenkins
2017-03-01Set metadata_workers for novaMykyta Karpin
2017-02-28Support bonds of subinterfaces while merge interface_propertiesSergey Vasilenko
2017-02-28Add default graphs sequenceVladimir Kuklin
2017-02-28Merge "Shift nova user config to enable_compute task"Jenkins
2017-02-28Make ovs-vswitchd restart instead of stop/startMichael Polenchuk
2017-02-27Revert: Scale controllers up/down using pacemaker m-modeDmitry Ilyin
2017-02-27Enable proxy headers parsingobutenko
2017-02-27Restart mysql pacemaker resource on failOleksiy Molchanov
2017-02-27Merge "Change default db reconnection tries count to -1"Jenkins
2017-02-21Refactor ns_vrouter ocfOleksiy Molchanov
2017-02-21Manage apparmor package installation for Debian11.0.0.0rc1Oleksiy Molchanov
2017-02-20Merge "Switch remaining components to transport_url"Jenkins
2017-02-17Enable proxy headers parsingMykyta Karpin
2017-02-17Update yaql for limits and fix typoOleksiy Molchanov