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authorAlexandru Avadanii <>2016-06-28 17:32:03 +0200
committerAlexandru Avadanii <>2016-06-28 17:34:06 +0200
commitab98c79af06e483952e9d4dbc38f51972fc5bf66 (patch)
parentd9d2a471af92acba3ca9ae075c9496fc769826a3 (diff)
bootstrap_admin_node: Fix connectivity check.
After Fuel Master builds the bootstrap image at first boot, internet connectivity is tested using the URL for the CentOS updates repository. script parses the output of `yum repolist`, looking for entries like 'Repo-baseurl: http://...'. However, in Fuel 9.0, <updates> points to a mirrorlist file (a text file containing a list of possible mirror URLs) instead of being a single, direct link to the repository. For now, we only test that we can access the mirrorlist file, while the check should be performed against the mirror(s). Old (Fuel 8) repo entry format: Repo-baseurl: New (Fuel 9) mirrorlist format: Repo-mirrors: Closes-Bug: #1596981 Change-Id: I21268dd8aa8cd633f09f921b4a9e1c057a4b8ed3 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
Notes (review): Code-Review+1: Maksim Malchuk <> Code-Review+1: Sergey Kulanov <> Code-Review+2: Vladimir Kozhukalov <> Code-Review+1: Stanislaw Bogatkin <> Workflow+1: Vladimir Kozhukalov <> Verified+2: Jenkins Submitted-by: Jenkins Submitted-at: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 12:31:58 +0000 Reviewed-on: Project: openstack/fuel-main Branch: refs/heads/master
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diff --git a/iso/ b/iso/
index 655bc51..23d305d 100755
--- a/iso/
+++ b/iso/
@@ -545,8 +545,8 @@ else
545fi 545fi
546 546
547#Check if repo is accessible 547#Check if repo is accessible
548echo "Checking for access to updates repository..." 548echo "Checking for access to updates repository/mirrorlist..."
549repourl=$(yum repolist all -v | awk '{if ($1 ~ "baseurl" && $3 ~ "updates") print $3}' | head -1) 549repourl=$(yum repolist all -v | awk '{if ($1 ~ "baseurl|mirrors" && $3 ~ "updates") print $3}' | head -1)
550if urlaccesscheck check "$repourl" ; then 550if urlaccesscheck check "$repourl" ; then
552else 552else