AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-29Merge "Revert "Bump version to 11.0.0""HEADmasterJenkins
2017-03-29Revert "Bump version to 11.0.0"Vladimir Kuklin
2017-03-23Merge "Bump version to 11.0.0"Jenkins
2017-03-22Add depends to lshwazvyagintsev
2017-03-02Bump version to 11.0.0Vladimir Kuklin
2017-02-27Do not change mcollective configGeorgy Kibardin
2017-02-16Fix multipath device search11.0.0.0rc1Vladimir Kozhukalov
2017-01-27Fix volatile CPU 'size'georgy
2017-01-17Merge "Add check if there is no default gateway"Jenkins
2017-01-12Read device PCIID instead of subsystem oneVladimir Eremin
2017-01-11Add check if there is no default gatewayDmitry Ilyin
2016-12-30Get number of maximum queues for NICMikhail
2016-11-25Merge "Handle absent manufacturer field correctly"Jenkins
2016-11-24Merge "Check if /dev/disk/*/ item is a symlink"Jenkins
2016-11-22Check if /dev/disk/*/ item is a symlinkVladimir Kozhukalov
2016-11-21Fix Offloading class not to generate different has sumEvgeny L
2016-11-21Handle absent manufacturer field correctlyGeorgy Kibardin
2016-10-31Add .chomp to a system output operationSergii Rizvan
2016-10-06Change _get_pci_dev_list funcAlexey Elagin
2016-09-20Add 'Container' field for MD parser10.0.0rc110.0.0Alexander Gordeev
2016-07-05Merge "Ignore interfaces with @ in the name"Jenkins
2016-06-30Let's get rid of ohai.10.0.0b1Ivan Suzdal
2016-06-14Ignore interfaces with @ in the nameVasyl Saienko
2016-06-06Don't use Rethtool for retrieving driver informationDmitry Guryanov
2016-06-03Fix bus_info in nic_numa_nodeArtur Svechnikov
2016-05-27Fix post-deployment pxe interface detectionVladimir Kuklin
2016-05-11Add --dry-run option to nailgun-agentDmitry Guryanov
2016-05-10Merge "Do restart mcollective after provisioning"Jenkins
2016-05-05Do restart mcollective after provisioningGeorgy Kibardin
2016-04-19report optimal io size for block devicesDmitry Guryanov
2016-04-06Adds major_version for Sandisk FusionIOWill Kline
2016-04-06Merge "Bump version to 10.0"Jenkins
2016-04-01Fix SR-IOV availability check9.0Aleksandr Didenko
2016-03-28Merge "Exclude USB block devices by the default"Jenkins
2016-03-27Bump version to 10.0Sergey Kulanov
2016-03-23Fixed SR-IOV VF device ID parsingVladimir Eremin
2016-03-21Setting timeout for calling lshwKrzysztof Szukiełojć
2016-03-17Exclude USB block devices by the defaultAlexander Gordeev
2016-03-16Align rpm spec filename to package nameSergey Kulanov
2016-03-14Merge "Getting numanode from all possible structure"Jenkins
2016-03-04Getting numanode from all possible structureIvan Ponomarev
2016-03-04Merge "Set default NUMA topology distances"Jenkins
2016-03-04Merge "Adding multipath info to output disk information"Jenkins
2016-03-03Adding multipath info to output disk informationKrzysztof Szukiełojć
2016-03-02Set default NUMA topology distancesArtur Svechnikov
2016-03-02Add numa_node info to NIC metaAleksandr Didenko
2016-03-02Add PCI-ID to NIC metadataAleksandr Didenko
2016-03-01Add support for SR-IOV enabled devicesAleksandr Didenko
2016-02-26Fix throw exception and logger callAlexander Kurenyshev
2016-02-25Merge "NUMA topology discovering"Jenkins