AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-31Add script to generate astute.yaml fixturesAleksandr Didenko
2016-03-31Update docs for Data-driven catalog testsBogdan Dobrelya
2016-03-30Merge "Del duplicated data"Jenkins
2016-03-30Merge "Add noop data for Glance Glare service"Jenkins
2016-03-30Del duplicated dataBogdan Dobrelya
2016-03-30Merge "Fix bad ceph_primary_monitor_node fixture"Jenkins
2016-03-30Merge "Fix murano YAML missing data"Jenkins
2016-03-30Add noop data for Glance Glare serviceDenis Egorenko
2016-03-29Fix bad ceph_primary_monitor_node fixtureBogdan Dobrelya
2016-03-29Fix murano YAML missing dataBogdan Dobrelya
2016-03-29Add noop astute.yaml fixture for external LBAleksandr Didenko
2016-03-28Fix bugsDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-28Merge "Add data for generate_vms spec"Jenkins
2016-03-25Merge "Update"Jenkins
2016-03-25UpdateDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-25Remove use_monit from data fixturesBogdan Dobrelya
2016-03-23Add data for generate_vms specStanislaw Bogatkin
2016-03-18Fix facts for security module in the fuelmenuMaksim Malchuk
2016-03-17Support security module in the fuelmenuMaksim Malchuk
2016-03-16Merge "Add hugepages options sample"Jenkins
2016-03-11Fix job count detectionDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-09Add hugepages options sampleMichael Polenchuk
2016-03-04Merge "Fixes"Jenkins
2016-03-04FixesDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-03Clean up globals _hash suffix from all hash keysMatthew Mosesohn
2016-03-03Add rsyslog_version fact for master nodeDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-02Improve current_spec_is? helperDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-01Regenerate globals with Murano and Aodh valuesDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-01Fix broken load class helper againDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-29Fix broken include class helperDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-29Merge "Update"Jenkins
2016-02-29UpdateDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-29Revert "Remove Murano from Fuel installation from box"Denis Egorenko
2016-02-29Fix tox.iniAndreas Jaeger
2016-02-19Merge "Add aodh parameters to hiera"Jenkins
2016-02-19Add aodh parameters to hieradmburmistrov
2016-02-19Merge "Change type of dns_list and ntp_list to text_list (noop-fixtures)"Jenkins
2016-02-18Update READMEBogdan Dobrelya
2016-02-18Update .gitignore for pythonBogdan Dobrelya
2016-02-18Change type of dns_list and ntp_list to text_list (noop-fixtures)Vitaly Kramskikh
2016-02-17Fix tox docs build for readthedocsBogdan Dobrelya
2016-02-17Add persistent _static folderDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-16Fix ral catalog and improve reportingDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-16Add overrides for cinder and computeDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-16Sync Hiera yaml files with masterDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-16Rework setup featuresDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-16Fix errors on ruby 2.0Dmitry Ilyin
2016-02-12Fixes and overridesDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-11Add documentationDmitry Ilyin
2016-02-10Add new framework libraryDmitry Ilyin