AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-05Fix a typoHEADmasterlidong
2016-12-01Upgrade with graph as default instead python basedstable/ocatastable/newtonSergey Abramov
2016-11-25Merge "Show team and repo badges on README"Jenkins
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-11-24Execute neutron db fixes for 9.0 seed releaseVladimir Khlyunev
2016-11-22Fixed --newhost option in cinder update_hostDmitry Nikishov
2016-11-21Cinder volume update_host support for upgrade-dbDmitry Nikishov
2016-11-14Merge "Do not create logs symlinks for nodes in discover"Jenkins
2016-11-14Do not create logs symlinks for nodes in discoverSergey Abramov
2016-11-07Add Apache 2.0 license to source fileCao Xuan Hoang
2016-11-01Fixed missing hiera item for upgrade-controlDmitry Nikishov
2016-11-01Added missing upgrade-db attributes to clusterDmitry Nikishov
2016-10-21Fixed escaping of \. in seed/upgrade-db graphDmitry Nikishov
2016-10-19Merge "Python part for osd-upgrade with graph"Jenkins
2016-10-19Merge "Graph for osd-upgrade procedure"Jenkins
2016-10-18Python part for osd-upgrade with graphDmitry Nikishov
2016-10-17Graph for osd-upgrade procedureDmitry Nikishov
2016-10-17Recorded demos for the upgrade 7.0 -> 9.1Ilya Kharin
2016-10-13Merge "Restart mcollective on slave nodes after restore"Jenkins
2016-10-12Restart mcollective on slave nodes after restoreIlya Kharin
2016-10-12Merge "Remove old repos from compute on preupgrade stage"Jenkins
2016-10-12Merge "Implementation of preupgrade-compute as task graph"Jenkins
2016-10-12Merge "Graph execution on specific nodes"Jenkins
2016-10-12Merge "Graph-based switch-controlplane. Python part."Jenkins
2016-10-12Remove old repos from compute on preupgrade stagePavel Chechetin
2016-10-12Implementation of preupgrade-compute as task graphDmitry Nikishov
2016-10-12Graph execution on specific nodesDmitry Nikishov
2016-10-06Graph-based switch-controlplane. Python part.Pavel Chechetin
2016-10-06Graph-based switch-controlplane. Puppet part.Pavel Chechetin
2016-09-24Add fix for floating IPsPavel Chechetin
2016-09-23Merge "Add octane QA engineers to MAINTEINERS"Jenkins
2016-09-23Merge "Handle Murano installed by plugin"Jenkins
2016-09-23Merge "py33 is no longer supported by Infra's CI"Jenkins
2016-09-23Add octane QA engineers to MAINTEINERSVladimir Khlyunev
2016-09-21Merge "Fix the backup of network node group data"Jenkins
2016-09-21Fix the backup of network node group dataSergey Novikov
2016-09-21Set forcefully upgrade_levels after deploy-changesIlya Kharin
2016-09-21Set upgrade level after each upgrade-nodeIlya Kharin
2016-09-21py33 is no longer supported by Infra's CIavnish
2016-09-20Perform cinder-manage volume update_hostIlya Kharin
2016-09-20Merge "Restart radosgw during upgrade-ceph"Jenkins
2016-09-20Merge "Insert physnet1 in ml2_flat_allocations"Jenkins
2016-09-20Restart radosgw during upgrade-cephIlya Kharin
2016-09-20Insert physnet1 in ml2_flat_allocationsSergey Abramov
2016-09-19Add 9.1 with liberty upgrade levelsIlya Kharin
2016-09-19Rename VERSIONS to UPGRADE_LEVELSIlya Kharin
2016-09-16Merge "Catch general Exception on upgrade ceph osd"Jenkins
2016-09-16Merge "prepare_net_info only if info contains quantum_settings"Jenkins
2016-09-16prepare_net_info only if info contains quantum_settingsSergey Abramov
2016-09-16Handle Murano installed by pluginPavel Chechetin