AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-16Re-design plugin to support Fuel-9.0HEADmitaka-eolmasterSergey Vasilenko
2016-02-28Merge "Change stackforge to openstack"liberty-eolJenkins
2016-01-11Remove under development warningEmma Gordon
2016-01-11Add more detail of what Calico is to the plugin READMEEmma Gordon
2016-01-11Do not remove default network as this breaks any subsequent re-deploymentsEmma Gordon
2016-01-11Add support for multi-controller HA deployments.Emma Gordon
2016-01-07Fuel 7.0 no longer uses /etc/hiera/nodes.yamlEmma Gordon
2015-11-12Change stackforge to openstackxuchao
2015-11-10Update plugin for Fuel 7.0 releaseEmma Gordon
2015-11-09Add .gitignore fileEmma Gordon
2015-11-09Update files for namespace change from stackforge to openstackEmma Gordon
2015-09-07Add user guide, test plan and test report docsEmma Gordon
2015-08-11Update README with instructions for downloading certified plugin from Fuel Pl...Emma Gordon
2015-07-29Update link to Calico code on GitHub for Calico repo moveEmma Gordon
2015-07-29Post Fuel deployment, remove default OpenStack network configuration which do...Emma Gordon
2015-07-22Update route reflector configuration when compute nodes are added to/removed ...Emma Gordon
2015-07-14Configure the route reflector to peer with compute nodes only, not all nodesEmma Gordon
2015-07-07Remove copyright line from license fileEmma Gordon
2015-07-03Add copyrightEmma Gordon
2015-06-05Set advertise-client-urls value in compute host etcd config (required due to ...Emma Gordon
2015-05-20Create Calico plugin for Fuel 6.1Emma Gordon
2015-04-27Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator