AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-16Merge "Fix parseyaml and nodes hash lookup"HEADstable/newtonmasterJenkins
2016-05-16Fix parseyaml and nodes hash lookupMatthew Mosesohn
2016-05-13Update plugin version to 4Georgy Kibardin
2016-04-17Update condition to run hiera override task on all rolesMatthew Mosesohn
2016-04-15Add newton-10.0 supportMatthew Mosesohn
2016-04-07Fix release compatibility for plugin. Remove old releasesmitaka-eol9.0.1Matthew Mosesohn
2016-03-25Refactor plugin for parallel task deploymentMatthew Mosesohn
2016-03-18Disable haproxy VIP colocation for database roleMatthew Mosesohn
2016-03-02Refactor tasks for version 2.0.0Matthew Mosesohn
2016-03-02Add 9.0 releasesMatthew Mosesohn
2016-02-20Merge "Add galera SST port to firewall rules"Jenkins
2016-02-19Add galera SST port to firewall rulesMatthew Mosesohn
2016-02-03Merge "Use hiera/plugins directory instead of override"Jenkins
2016-02-03Use hiera/plugins directory instead of overrideMatthew Mosesohn
2016-01-31Exclude 'setup_repositories' task from graphslava
2016-01-22Add repositories to target nodeStanislaw Bogatkin
2016-01-18Add liberty-8.0 version to metadata.yamlVladimir Khlyunev
2016-01-11Adjust plugin setting wordingMatthew Mosesohn
2015-12-23Merge "Move firewall to a plugin-specific task"Jenkins
2015-12-22Move firewall to a plugin-specific taskMatthew Mosesohn
2015-12-21Put plugin hiera in placeAlex Schultz
2015-12-17Fix hiera overrides for 8.0Alex Schultz
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-10-15Merge "Remove zabbix-server role"Jenkins
2015-10-13Merge "Remove reference to fuel-plugin-detach-keystone"Jenkins
2015-10-12Remove zabbix-server roleAlex Schultz
2015-10-07Remove reference to fuel-plugin-detach-keystoneDaniel Depaoli
2015-10-07Allow to run plugin on Fuel 8.0 environmentVladimir Sharshov (warpc)
2015-09-23Allow empty additional configMatthew Mosesohn
2015-08-25Add validation on emptyness of additional configasledzinskiy
2015-08-21Use standard virtual_ips task for database_vipMatthew Mosesohn
2015-08-20Add controller to update_required in roleMatthew Mosesohn
2015-08-17Add openstack-haproxy-stats to non-primary roleMatthew Mosesohn
2015-08-17Initial commitMatthew Mosesohn
2015-08-14Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator