AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-24Replace git:// URLs with https://HEADmasterIan Wienand
2017-03-29Fix Puppet testsSimon Pasquier
2017-03-14Disable SSLv3 in HAProxySimon Pasquier
2017-03-13Merge "Bump version to 1.1"Jenkins
2017-03-09Support CADF notificationsSimon Pasquier
2017-03-09Bump version to 1.1Simon Pasquier
2017-02-13Fix the version of openjdk-7-jre-headless packageGuillaume Thouvenin
2017-01-27Create the dashboard link when upgrading from 0.10.xSwann Croiset
2017-01-20Update release notes for 1.0Swann Croiset
2017-01-11Merge "Get rid of auto_expand_replicas for Kibana indices"Jenkins
2017-01-11Merge "Enforce literal strings in Hiera YAML file"Jenkins
2017-01-11Get rid of auto_expand_replicas for Kibana indicesSimon Pasquier
2017-01-10Prevent co-installation with the Contrail pluginSimon Pasquier
2017-01-10Enforce literal strings in Hiera YAML fileSimon Pasquier
2017-01-04Merge "Fix typo error"Jenkins
2016-12-20Fix metadata.json for lma_logging_analyticsSimon Pasquier
2016-12-15Upgrade tzdata versionGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-12-12Fix typo errorpangliye
2016-11-21Upgrade OpenJDK packageGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-10-24Upgrade tzdata versionGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-10-18[Docs] EditsMaria Zlatkova
2016-10-17Upgrade tzdata versionSwann Croiset
2016-10-14Merge "Create ES templates earlier"1.0rc1Jenkins
2016-10-14Update documentation for 1.0Guillaume Thouvenin
2016-10-12Create ES templates earlierSwann Croiset
2016-10-11[Docs] Fix a linkMaria Zlatkova
2016-09-28Allow to pass a list of LDAP serversGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-09-23Add support for dynamic scriptingRoman Babyuk
2016-09-16Fix a cycle in graph of tasksGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-09-12Reemphasized SSD disk requirementsPatrick Petit
2016-09-02Switch the Kibana dashboard to the public networkSimon Pasquier
2016-08-26Fix Elasticsearch curator jobSimon Pasquier
2016-08-24Pin the puppetlabs_spec_helper versionSimon Pasquier
2016-08-18Upgrade OpenJDK packageSwann Croiset
2016-08-17Modify the check of the hostname in SSL certificateGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-08-16Revert "Fix a cycle in graph of tasks"Swann Croiset
2016-08-11Fix a cycle in graph of tasksGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-08-09Fix issue with LDAP protocol radio buttonGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-08-01Configure the network once the vrouter is upSimon Pasquier
2016-07-29Configure the NTP serviceSimon Pasquier
2016-07-29Configure the DNS resolverSimon Pasquier
2016-07-29Configure the management gateway on the nodesSimon Pasquier
2016-07-27Configure Kibana to use its own VIPSimon Pasquier
2016-07-25Bump version to 1.0.0Simon Pasquier
2016-07-22[doc] Final edits in Kibana GuideOlena Logvinova
2016-07-22Merge "Fix the TCP port for Kibana viewer dashboard"Jenkins
2016-07-22Merge "[docs] Restructuring Kibana 0.10.0 User guide"Jenkins
2016-07-21[docs] Restructuring Kibana 0.10.0 User guideOlena Logvinova
2016-07-21Fix the TCP port for Kibana viewer dashboardSimon Pasquier
2016-07-20Enable IP forwarding for HAProxySimon Pasquier