AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-18Fix wrong indentation in the documentationSimon Pasquier
2016-07-18StackLight 0.10.0 documentation updatesPatrick Petit
2016-07-13Merge "StackLight 0.10.0 documentation updates"Jenkins
2016-07-13StackLight 0.10.0 documentation updatesPatrick Petit
2016-07-12Use standard HTTP portsSwann Croiset
2016-07-08Use a better name and description for ldap user attributeGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-07-07Fix the deployment order to support MOS 8Swann Croiset
2016-07-07Update tzdata packages to 2016fSwann Croiset
2016-07-05Merge "Set recover_after_time default value when using CLI"Jenkins
2016-07-05Merge "Do not verify LDAP server certificate"Jenkins
2016-07-04Set recover_after_time default value when using CLISwann Croiset
2016-07-04Display port in the link shown in Fuel UIGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-07-04Merge "Use password generator for Kibana"Jenkins
2016-07-04Merge "Provision another network and VIP for Kibana"Jenkins
2016-07-01Do not verify LDAP server certificateSwann Croiset
2016-06-29Display 2 Kibana links for admin and viewer rolesSwann Croiset
2016-06-29Implement LDAP integration for KibanaSwann Croiset
2016-06-28Restrict access to KibanaSwann Croiset
2016-06-28Use hiera hash for TLS optionsSwann Croiset
2016-06-28Fix minimum_master_nodes determinationSwann Croiset
2016-06-28Use password generator for KibanaSwann Croiset
2016-06-24Merge "Add authentication for Kibana"Jenkins
2016-06-24Merge "Fix Rakefile regarding lint usage"Jenkins
2016-06-23Provision another network and VIP for KibanaSimon Pasquier
2016-06-23Add authentication for KibanaSwann Croiset
2016-06-22Fix puppet lint 140 charactersSwann Croiset
2016-06-22Remove call to hiera_hash('elasticsearch_kibana')Guillaume Thouvenin
2016-06-22Enable secure communication over HTTPS for KibanaGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-06-21Fix Rakefile regarding lint usageSimon Pasquier
2016-06-09Merge "Rotate Kibana logs"Jenkins
2016-06-09Merge "Install explicit package version of Elasticsearch"Jenkins
2016-06-09Merge "Rotate Elasticsearch logs"Jenkins
2016-06-09Merge "Upgrade to Kibana 4.5.1 / Elasticsearch 2.3.3"Jenkins
2016-06-09Install explicit package version of ElasticsearchSwann Croiset
2016-06-09Rotate Elasticsearch logsSwann Croiset
2016-06-09Rotate Kibana logsSwann Croiset
2016-06-09Upgrade to Kibana 4.5.1 / Elasticsearch 2.3.3Swann Croiset
2016-06-08Fix instructions for network templatesSimon Pasquier
2016-06-03Remove the plugin_test/ directorySimon Pasquier
2016-06-01Merge "Adjust task dependencies"Jenkins
2016-05-31Adjust task dependenciesSwann Croiset
2016-05-30Fix index template for notificationsSwann Croiset
2016-05-25Use hiera_hash for network dataSimon Pasquier
2016-05-20Fix links to the Readthedocs domainSimon Pasquier
2016-05-20Merge "Document how to use network templates"Jenkins
2016-05-13Document how to use network templatesSimon Pasquier
2016-05-13Merge "Change anchor task to upload_nodes_info"Jenkins
2016-05-13Fix typo in config.jsSimon Pasquier
2016-05-13Change anchor task to upload_nodes_infoSimon Pasquier
2016-05-12Merge "Fix tasks dependency when using remote backends"Jenkins