path: root/deployment_tasks.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-12Create ES templates earlierSwann Croiset
2016-09-23Add support for dynamic scriptingRoman Babyuk
2016-09-16Fix a cycle in graph of tasksGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-08-16Revert "Fix a cycle in graph of tasks"Swann Croiset
2016-08-11Fix a cycle in graph of tasksGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-08-01Configure the network once the vrouter is upSimon Pasquier
2016-07-29Configure the NTP serviceSimon Pasquier
2016-07-29Configure the DNS resolverSimon Pasquier
2016-07-29Configure the management gateway on the nodesSimon Pasquier
2016-07-07Fix the deployment order to support MOS 8Swann Croiset
2016-06-22Enable secure communication over HTTPS for KibanaGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-06-09Upgrade to Kibana 4.5.1 / Elasticsearch 2.3.3Swann Croiset
2016-05-31Adjust task dependenciesSwann Croiset
2016-05-13Change anchor task to upload_nodes_infoSimon Pasquier
2016-05-11Fix tasks dependency when using remote backendsSimon Pasquier
2016-04-14Update to task based deploymentGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-04-11Remove dependency on cluster-haproxy.pp from osnailyfacterGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-03-14Fix path for virtual_ips.ppGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-03-09Leverage the local fuel-library modulesSimon Pasquier
2016-02-09Provision services at post_deployment stageSwann Croiset
2016-01-28Merge "Re-execute necessary tasks on the deployed nodes"Jenkins
2016-01-25Re-execute necessary tasks on the deployed nodesSimon Pasquier
2016-01-21Configure repositories by specific taskSwann Croiset
2016-01-18Set appropriately the Pacemaker option no-quorum-policySwann Croiset
2016-01-18Re-execute cluster configuration on redeploymentSwann Croiset
2016-01-08Improve cluster deploymentSwann Croiset
2015-12-22Configure HAProxy for Elasticsearch and KibanaSwann Croiset
2015-12-22Deploy Elasticsearch clusterSwann Croiset
2015-09-09Switch to custom role elasticsearch_kibanaSwann Croiset