path: root/environment_config.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-03s/onTap/ONTAP/ in the env_config.yamlIgor Gajsin
2016-10-07add restrictions for NetApp driver on UIIgor Gajsin
2016-09-19swap default values for netapp protocol and portIgor Gajsin
2016-09-19Add restrictions for few UI settingsIgor Gajsin
2016-09-16add support of NetApp driverIgor Gajsin
2016-09-14add UI element for NetAppIgor Gajsin
2016-08-03add service imageIgor Gajsin
2016-07-04Getting ready for the first deployIgor Gajsin
2016-07-04Add skeleton of the pluginIgor Gajsin