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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-30Use --subproject instead of deprecated --service optionHEADmasterHenry Gessau
2015-12-23Minor fixes for FWaaS pluginSergey Kolekonov
2015-08-22Update FWaaS plugin for 7.0Sergey Kolekonov
2015-07-01Fix logic of running L3 agent checkingSergey Kolekonov
2015-06-25Mirantis copyright and license headers addedAndrey Epifanov
2015-03-19Fix puppet lint warningsAndrey Epifanov
2015-02-24Code refactoringAndrey Epifanov
2015-02-13Add code which detects whether vpn or l3 is runningAndrey Epifanov
2015-01-26Init commitAndrey Epifanov