AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-20opnfv onosfw path updateHEADmastersathishkumar_murugesan
2017-03-15onos version upgrade to 1.8.4sathishkumar_murugesan
2017-03-10To run onos as service, code added .sathishkumar_murugesan
2017-02-20Update for Fuel10 - onos upgrade to 1.8.2sathishkumar_murugesan
2017-02-20merging changes to master branch from mitaka brnachsathishkumar_murugesan
2016-01-05update readmedongfeng
2016-01-03modify readme and fix conflict of public port in controllersdongfeng
2015-12-26fix bug for ha-modekilodongfeng
2015-12-21fix build.shdongfeng
2015-12-21onos plugin for fuel 7.0dongfeng
2015-12-10fuel plugin onos for 6.1dongfeng
2015-11-13fuel plugin onosdongfeng
2015-10-29Added .gitreview6.1OpenStack Project Creator