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6.1added Test Report; added config changes for doc; added specjfluhmann3 years
7.0set things back to commit 1e8dfbb938e0e603c4603a9337f809124dfd2f1f (last comm...jfluhmann3 years
masterremoved openjdk ppajfluhmann3 years
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2016-07-31removed openjdk ppaHEADmasterjfluhmann
2016-07-31updated doc; bumped to version 1.3.3jfluhmann
2016-07-31removed sharefile requirement from the plugin; removed adding of java and mar...jfluhmann
2016-07-30Updated for MOS 8.0jfluhmann
2016-02-11added missing 'new' files from 7.0jfluhmann
2016-02-11updated master to match 7.0 branchjfluhmann
2016-02-02Revert "branched off for 6.1; removed all 7.0-related material"jfluhmann
2015-10-28updated README to match changesjfluhmann
2015-10-28branched off for 6.1; removed all 7.0-related materialJeremy Fluhmann
2015-10-22changed spec to specs; uploaded test planjfluhmann