path: root/ovs_build
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-13Clean up and Remove DPDK from ovs with NSHGuo Ruijing
2017-02-03Merge "Multiarch: Arch-qualify DEB binary archives"Jenkins
2017-02-03Merge "AArch64: Add native build support"Jenkins
2017-01-30build-ovs*.sh: Add apt-get updateAlexandru Avadanii
2017-01-25Multiarch: Arch-qualify DEB binary archivesAlexandru Avadanii
2017-01-25AArch64: Add native build supportAlexandru Avadanii
2017-01-24build: apt: --force-yes.Alexandru Avadanii
2017-01-16build ovs with dpdk from mosGuo Ruijing
2017-01-11Move all files from dpdk_16.07.fuel to dpdk_16.07.fuel/debianGuo Ruijing
2017-01-11Import dpdk 16.07 debian from mosGuo Ruijing
2016-12-28clean up codeGuo Ruijing
2016-12-27ovs rebase and add ovs with NSH/DPDKGuo Ruijing
2016-12-20enable ovs 2.6.1 with NSHGuo Ruijing
2016-10-31Rebase to fuel 10.0Guo Ruijing
2016-10-11Merge "Compile DPDK to use basic cpu features."Jenkins
2016-10-09Compile DPDK to use basic cpu features.Guo Ruijing
2016-09-15[dpdk] Turn off missing optionsMichael Polenchuk
2016-09-12[dpdk] Target compiler to core i7Michael Polenchuk
2016-09-07Disable cpu featuresGuo Ruijing
2016-09-06Disable cpu featuresGuo Ruijing
2016-09-03Cleanup: Fix debian changelog missing dateAlexandru Avadanii
2016-08-09Rebase to OVS with DPDk 16.07Guo Ruijing
2016-08-08Use local debian spec & fix ovs post installation failureGuo Ruijing
2016-08-05Add openvswitch-nsh-dpdk_2.5.90 debian specGuo Ruijing
2016-08-05Add dpdk 2.2.0 debian specGuo Ruijing
2016-08-05Add openvswitch-dpdk_2.5.90 debian specGuo Ruijing
2016-08-05Update dir name from dpdk-16.04 to dpdk_16.04Guo Ruijing
2016-08-05Update debian rulesGuo Ruijing
2016-08-05Add dpdk 16.04 debian specGuo Ruijing
2016-07-12Update NSH patchesGuo Ruijing
2016-06-28Fix NSH PatchesGuo Ruijing
2016-06-07Update to DPDK 16.04 + OVS 2.5.90Guo Ruijing
2016-05-27Fix some install issuesGuo Ruijing
2016-05-25add fast buildGuo Ruijing
2016-05-25Fix install typoGuo Ruijing
2016-05-24refactor scripts and update NSH patchGuo Ruijing
2016-05-19Build OVS with DPDKGuo Ruijing
2016-05-03Add build home and move to ubuntuGuo Ruijing
2016-04-21Refactor fuel ovs pluginGuo Ruijing