path: root/pre_build_hook
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-13Remove OVS with DPDKGuo Ruijing
2017-02-13Clean up and Remove DPDK from ovs with NSHGuo Ruijing
2017-01-25AArch64: Add native build supportAlexandru Avadanii
2017-01-16build ovs with dpdk from mosGuo Ruijing
2016-06-20Fix docker volume issue in ovs buildGuo Ruijing
2016-06-20Fix wget failures in fuel@opnfvGuo Ruijing
2016-05-27Fix some install issuesGuo Ruijing
2016-05-24refactor scripts and update NSH patchGuo Ruijing
2016-05-03Add build home and move to ubuntuGuo Ruijing
2016-04-21support vagrant based buildGuo Ruijing
2016-04-21Refactor fuel ovs pluginGuo Ruijing
2015-12-23Don't build dpdk/dppd in installed nodeRuijing Guo
2015-12-18Add DPDK InitializationRuijing Guo
2015-12-09Implement: Fuel install OVS with NSH/DPDKlingyu1
2015-12-01Implement: Fuel install OVS with NSH/DPDKlingyu1
2015-11-15Implement: Fuel install OVS with NSH/DPDKlingyu1