path: root/deployment_scripts
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-01MOS-9 integration:mshahzeb
2016-08-23Disable OVS related task to support scale in/out in MOS8Muhammad Shahzeb
2016-08-03Add support for MOS8 in fuel plumgrid plugin:Muhammad Shahzeb
2016-06-09Update PG Firewall rules for MOS1.1.0Muhammad Shahzeb
2016-06-08Adding ecmp support for neutron.Muhammad Shahzeb
2016-06-07Improving Upgrade work flow for networking-plugmrid pip versionMuhammad Shahzeb
2016-04-29Changing URL for serving cloudapexJaveria Khan
2016-04-27OPSVM fix for sal class Middleware-IPJaveria Khan
2016-04-19Add OPSVM / CloudApex support for MOS7Javeria Khan
2016-04-07Nginx template changes for CloudApexAbdullahK
2016-03-09Ensure latest python-plumgridlib in class neutron::plugins::plumgridJaveria Khan
2016-03-09Enable logging for PG bash deployment scriptsJaveria Khan
2016-03-08Update plumgrid_fabric script to maintain bonded interface configsJaveria Khan
2016-02-14Increase license post timeout to 5 minutesJaveria Khan
2016-02-13Initial Commit - Fuel PLUMgrid PluginJaveria Khan