AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-18Remove KVM and Rebase to fuel 9.0HEADmasterGuo Ruijing
2016-04-22support vagrant based buildGuo Ruijing
2016-04-04Fixed the deployment error issue when Ceph node co-located with Compute node ...stable/8.0davidchou
2016-03-21Fixed nested virtualization issue in KVMdavidchou
2016-02-24fix kvm issuelingyu1
2016-02-01Fix qemu/kvm buglingyu1
2016-01-29Merge "Fix qemu/kvm bug"Jenkins
2016-01-29Fix qemu/kvm buglingyu1
2016-01-26Fixed version in README.mdDavid Chou
2016-01-26Rebase to 8.0lingyu1
2016-01-15Fix for KVMFORNFV-23(Fuel installed KVM kernel blank screens on boot)Ruijing Guo
2015-12-22Implement: Fuel install QEMUlingyu1
2015-12-11Update KVMlingyu1
2015-12-09Implement: Fuel install QEMUlingyu1
2015-12-03Implement: Fuel install QEMUlingyu1
2015-11-13Implement: Fuel install QEMUOpenStack Project Creator
2015-10-27Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator