AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-19Adjust tackerc to 3rd version of identity apiHEADmasterMichael Polenchuk
2017-02-02Bump auth url versionGeorge Paraskevopoulos
2017-01-31Uplift fuel-plugin-tacker to Fuel 10George Paraskevopoulos
2017-01-13Changed tacker and python-tackerclient repo url to use trozet's repo.VeenaSL
2016-09-30Generate tackerc from puppet manifestMichal Skalski
2016-09-30Don't install mysql-client-5.5Michal Skalski
2016-09-21Introduces tacker-plug-in support for fuel9.0/mitaka.Priyaa
2016-08-26Add gitreview fileMichal Skalski
2016-03-22Set appropriate permission for cache directoryMichal Skalski
2016-03-22Add info about origins of the pluginMichal Skalski
2016-03-22Use the same auth_uri as for heatMichal Skalski
2016-03-22Use tacker server/client rebased to stable/libertyMichal Skalski
2016-03-16Tacker VNF plugin for FuelMichal Skalski