AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-21Fix .gitignore for puppet modulesHEAD1.1.2masterOlivier Bourdon
2017-02-17Add support for MOS Bourdon
2017-02-17Add MOS 9.2 as supported release1.1.1Olivier Bourdon
2016-10-19Add MOS 9.1 as supported releaseOlivier Bourdon
2016-07-29Merge "Add full support for MOS 9.0"1.1.0.rc1Jenkins
2016-07-26Add full support for MOS 9.0Olivier Bourdon
2016-07-20Roll back version from 2.6.0 to 2.5.1Olivier Bourdon
2016-07-12Merge "Update version for the next delivery"Jenkins
2016-07-07Use proper version of puppet-lintOlivier Bourdon
2016-05-13Update version for the next deliveryOlivier Bourdon
2016-04-14Fix for proper plugin package generationOlivier Bourdon
2016-03-21Add missing fixed bug in doc1.0.1-1-rc1Olivier Bourdon
2016-03-21Add proper support for MOS 7.0 and MOS 8.0Olivier Bourdon
2016-03-21Uniformize docs across supported versions and output formatsOlivier Bourdon
2016-03-15Fix Cross-plugin display restrictions for Settings tab to open properlyOlivier Bourdon
2016-03-03Add tox environments to build the plugin and docsOlivier Bourdon
2016-03-03Configure tox environmentsOlivier Bourdon
2016-03-02Add support for MOS 7.0 and MOS 8.0Olivier Bourdon
2015-11-23Update documentation for zabbix plugin 2.5.0Swann Croiset
2015-11-18Merge "Support zabbix_plugin 2.5.0"Jenkins
2015-11-18Support zabbix_plugin 2.5.0Swann Croiset
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-09-02fix for 'Length limitation added for vip name in network roles'Maciej Relewicz
2015-08-17fix images sizes and lines width in documentationPiotr Misiak
2015-08-13update documentationPiotr Misiak
2015-08-12change compatible MOS versions and Zabbix plugin module path in tasks.yamlPiotr Misiak
2015-08-07add LICENSE filePiotr Misiak
2015-08-03Add an additional host group and fix issue with snmptt restartingPiotr Misiak
2015-06-25Merge "add user guide documentation files"Jenkins
2015-06-22add user guide documentation filesPiotr Misiak
2015-06-19Merge "initial version of EMC hardware monitoring extension for Zabbix plugin"Jenkins
2015-06-18Merge "add spec file"Jenkins
2015-06-16add spec filePiotr Misiak
2015-06-16add filePiotr Misiak
2015-06-05initial version of EMC hardware monitoring extension for Zabbix pluginPiotr Misiak
2015-06-02Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator