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2016-08-30Maintainers changeAlexey Stepanov
2016-06-01Remove all tests related to LMA pluginsSwann Croiset
2016-05-17Proper link for gerrit fuel-qa-core group is setAlexander Kislitsky
2016-05-06Move extra computes tests into separated dirVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-04-18Add new maintainer to fuel-qaDmitry Tyzhnenko
2016-01-11Change MAINTAINERSDmitry Tyzhnenko
2015-12-23Merge "Fix link to team-structure in MAINTAINERS file"Jenkins
2015-12-17Fix link to team-structure in MAINTAINERS fileSergey Kulanov
2015-10-30Add the Zabbix plugin experts to MAINTAINERSSwann Croiset
2015-10-23Add the LMA experts to MAINTAINERSSimon Pasquier
2015-10-22Update the link to the Team structure specSimon Pasquier
2015-10-21Fix the format of the MAINTAINERS fileSimon Pasquier
2015-10-08Added MAINTAINERS to top-level repo directoryTatyana Leontovich