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2016-08-24run_system_test: check by pylint on gatesAlexey Stepanov
2016-08-23Drop private API usage in pytest groups grabAlexey Stepanov
2016-08-22Fix pytest importAlexey Stepanov
2016-06-09Add fuel-qa system tests mapping for openstack/puppet-projectsArtem Grechanichenko
2016-04-26Move ha_neutron and bvt to fuel_testsDmitry Tyzhnenko
2016-03-29Use set in groups iterationDmitry Tyzhnenko
2016-03-23Pylint: fix trivial issues 10Alexey Stepanov
2016-03-06Create test mapping for puppet-modulesArtem Grechanichenko
2016-02-25Refactoring of system_test classesDmitry Tyzhnenko
2016-02-17Python3 code compatibility: Stage1Alexey Stepanov
2016-02-16Call system.exit if we run non existing groupTatyana Leontovich
2016-02-11Add new runner for system testDmitry Tyzhnenko