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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-29Dont set vlan on ironic networkVasyl Saienko
2017-03-28Merge "Follow renamed tag=>vlan_start vlan parameter"Jenkins
2017-03-20Merge "Replace ALL "tag" parameter with "vlan_start""Jenkins
2017-03-16Remove a deprecated fuel migration testSergey Novikov
2017-03-15Replace ALL "tag" parameter with "vlan_start"Vladimir Khlyunev
2017-03-15Follow renamed tag=>vlan_start vlan parameterVladimir Khlyunev
2017-03-15Fix ironic templatesVladimir Khlyunev
2017-03-10Add ironic slaves to ironic templateVladimir Khlyunev
2017-03-10Add ironic baremetal templateVladimir Khlyunev
2017-03-07Fix vlan_range for multiple networks remplateVolodymyr Shypyguzov
2017-03-06Add a template for security scan related devops environmentSergey Otpuschennikov
2017-03-03Rename 'rack-01' to 'default' in devops templatesVladimir Khlyunev
2017-02-15remove vmwareIgor Gajsin
2016-11-16Fix "wrap functions with 2 blank lines" pep8 checkVladimir Khlyunev
2016-10-13Add check that calculated space to filling not "negative"Artem Grechanichenko
2016-10-06Merge "[vCenter] Minor fixes for vCenter suite"Jenkins
2016-09-29[vCenter] Minor fixes for vCenter suiteibumarskov
2016-09-29Replace deprecated constants by direct usageAlexey Stepanov
2016-09-22Implementation of TC with uploading CA bundle file for vCenteribumarskov
2016-09-14Test public APIMaksym Strukov
2016-09-08Merge "Add tests for vCenter cluster actions"Jenkins
2016-09-08Merge "Add a template for vCenter related devops environment In order to opti...Jenkins
2016-09-07Add a template for vCenter related devops environmentibumarskov
2016-09-02Add tests for vCenter cluster actionsekhomyakova
2016-08-26Add tests with changing of vSphere cluster configurationibumarskov
2016-08-25SingletonMeta class is exists in fuel-devops: deprecate copyAlexey Stepanov
2016-08-23Drop private API usage in pytest groups grabAlexey Stepanov
2016-08-19Replace execute_throw_host by devops implementationAlexey Stepanov
2016-08-17Add test for checking HA after scaling of vCenter enviromentibumarskov
2016-08-17Fix misprint in remote.check_callAlexey Stepanov
2016-08-12run_on_remote, execute_remote_cmd and run_on_remote_get_results eliminationAlexey Stepanov
2016-07-20Refactoring of setup_master method, get_setup method, setup_master actionArtem Grechanichenko
2016-07-20Merge "Refactor finding flag of finishing migrate process"Jenkins
2016-07-18Fix regexp that parse a template-based test case nameDennis Dmitriev
2016-07-18Refactor finding flag of finishing migrate processzatserklyany
2016-07-12Fix filling_root testMaksym Strukov
2016-07-11Add timeout_msg values in fuelweb_test and system_testAnton Studenov
2016-05-27Merge "Fix failover tests for vCenter"Jenkins
2016-05-27Merge "Add test with detached haproxy role"Jenkins
2016-05-26Add test with detached haproxy roleasledzinskiy
2016-05-26Fix failover tests for vCenterekhomyakova
2016-05-24Extend disk configuration for multipath deviceszatserklyany
2016-05-23Added config file with controller and Glance backendekhomyakova
2016-05-20Added failover tests for vCenterekhomyakova
2016-05-18Fix scale tests for vCenterIlya Bumarskov
2016-05-12Merge "vCenter tests with OpenStack actions for cinder and nova"Jenkins
2016-05-12Merge "Change the parameter"Jenkins
2016-05-12Merge "Add neutron-qos parameter"Jenkins
2016-05-12Merge "Fix inspection issues"Jenkins
2016-05-11vCenter tests with OpenStack actions for cinder and novaIlya Bumarskov