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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-16Fix "wrap functions with 2 blank lines" pep8 checkVladimir Khlyunev
2016-09-21Fix a typo in fuel_logs.pyzhangyanxian
2016-08-15Fix incorrect url for deb repoIvan Remizov
2016-08-05Add tool for snapshots.paramsIvan Remizov
2016-07-11Update packages from requirements.txt with ' -N'Dennis Dmitriev
2016-06-08Use gzip for snapshotsGeorgy Kibardin
2016-05-10Fix inspection issuesAlexey Stepanov
2016-04-06Output log file names when printing parsed linesDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-24Update fuel logs scriptDmitry Ilyin
2016-03-03Replace % formatting by str.format methodAlexey Stepanov
2016-02-11Add new runner for system testDmitry Tyzhnenko
2015-11-24Misprints in English wordseprohoda
2015-11-19Fix mass mistypes at english verbspenguinolog
2015-07-30Fix LOGDIR for fuel_logs toolss-yuriy
2015-06-19Extract the error logs from the snapshot using fuel_logs toolss-yuriy
2015-05-15Enable creating diagnostic snapshots by defaultDennis Dmitriev
2015-04-13Add 'full' option to fuel_logsDmitry Ilyin
2015-04-03Add the possibility to work without python virtualenvStanislav Makar
2015-04-01Use python3 for to support XZ compression for tarfileDennis Dmitriev
2015-03-05Add fuel_logs toolDmitry Ilyin
2015-02-09Add system test runner for JenkinsDmitry Tyzhnenko