AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-26Show team and repo badges on READMEHEAD11.0.0.0rc1masterFlavio Percoco
2016-09-21Disable audio totally10.0.0rc110.0.0Maksim Malchuk
2016-09-01Correctly support all NetworkManager versionsMaksim Malchuk
2016-07-12Don't use Sed's GNU extension to support MacOSXMaksim Malchuk
2016-06-15Add useful scripts and filesMaksim Malchuk
2016-06-08Add the serial COM1 port to the slave nodes.Maksim Malchuk
2016-06-02Add tool for sending Alt-SysRq to VMsDmitry Guryanov
2016-05-26Additional verification of network interface settingsSerhiy Ovsianikov
2016-05-12Merge "Add ssh public key to Fuel master node"Jenkins
2016-05-12Add ssh public key to Fuel master nodeVasiliy Pleshakov
2016-05-07Add name of ISO file to VM descriptionVasiliy Pleshakov
2016-04-13Ignore SSH errorsMaksim Malchuk
2016-04-11Disable user-defined ssh_config configurationsMaksim Malchuk
2016-04-07Fix public network routing from slavesIgor Kalnitsky
2016-03-31Move iptables rules to user-defined chainsDmitry Bilunov
2016-03-22Enable 'skipfuelmenu' because 'showmenu=yes' is usedMaksim Malchuk
2016-03-14Update MAINTAINERSMaksim Malchuk
2016-03-09Don't use IPv6 DNS servers for the FuelMaksim Malchuk
2016-03-02Added a requirement for Internet accessMaksim Malchuk
2016-02-27Add checks for the file 'dumpkeys.cache'Maksim Malchuk
2016-02-23SELinux support in 9.0 FuelMaksim Malchuk
2016-02-23Add maintenance filesVladimir Kozhukalov
2016-02-15VirtualBox network fixes and the dockerless mode supportMaksim Malchuk
2016-02-10Increase timeouts for the Cobbler container restartMaksim Malchuk
2016-01-26Correct parsing of bootstrap_admin_node.logMaksim Malchuk
2016-01-26Merge "Restore forgotten kernel name for VirtualBox"Jenkins
2016-01-25Restore forgotten kernel name for VirtualBoxMaksim Malchuk
2016-01-25Use BSD's 'sed' regexp on MacOSXMaksim Malchuk
2016-01-23Disable VirtualBox Remote Desktop Extension (VRDE)Maksim Malchuk
2016-01-22Fix PATH issue for VirtualBox on WindowsMaksim Malchuk
2016-01-13Proper Windows 7/8/10 supportMaksim Malchuk
2016-01-05Merge "Update dependency checks"Jenkins
2015-12-31Merge "Fix network connectivity issues"Jenkins
2015-12-30Update dependency checksDmitry Bilunov
2015-12-29Fix network connectivity issuesDmitry Bilunov
2015-12-22ROM firmware is optional nowMaksim Malchuk
2015-12-18Merge "Do not hardcode scancodes that change isolinux boot params"Jenkins
2015-12-18Merge "Fix network connectivity issues"Jenkins
2015-12-18iPXE - open source boot firmware for VirtualBoxMaksim Malchuk
2015-12-17Fix network connectivity issuesDmitry Bilunov
2015-12-17Do not hardcode scancodes that change isolinux boot paramsDmitry Bilunov
2015-12-02FORWARD rules for public networkDmitry Teselkin
2015-11-25Merge "Fix mac generate for non-GNU awk."Jenkins
2015-11-25Disable colorised grep outputIvan Suzdal
2015-11-24Fix mac generate for non-GNU awk.Ivan Suzdal
2015-11-12Merge "Add script to delete host-only network interfaces"Jenkins
2015-10-22Add script to delete host-only network interfacesKyrylo Romanenko
2015-10-19Fix VBoxManage command call in slave-nodes-...shVasiliy Pleshakov
2015-10-05Use right way to skip fuelmenuStanislav Makar
2015-09-24Enable VRDE option for VMs in vbox scriptsVasiliy Pleshakov