AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysUpdate designate dash to include queensHEADmasterGraham Hayes
9 daysAdd a dashboard for kayobeMark Goddard
2018-03-09Fix tacker.dash generates the unusable linkNguyen Hai
2018-02-05Add contributor-guide to doc.dashPetr Kovar
2018-01-17Merge "neutron: Add neutron-tempest-plugin repo"Zuul
2018-01-17Merge "Update designate dashboard"Zuul
2018-01-17Merge "Remove dead dashboards"Zuul
2018-01-17Merge "Add 'openstack/os-api-ref' to docs dash"Zuul
2018-01-17neutron: Add neutron-tempest-plugin repoYAMAMOTO Takashi
2018-01-08add rocky to the release dashboardDoug Hellmann
2018-01-04Remove dead dashboardsStephen Finucane
2018-01-04Add 'openstack/os-api-ref' to docs dashStephen Finucane
2018-01-04Minor updates to docs dashStephen Finucane
2018-01-03Update designate dashboardGraham Hayes
2017-12-20Add neutron-vpnaas back to neutronYAMAMOTO Takashi
2017-12-10Remove dashboards/app-catalog.dashAndreas Jaeger
2017-11-21Merge "Fix queries using label:Code-Review<=2"Zuul
2017-11-08Add infra config-core dashboardAndreas Jaeger
2017-11-01Replace 'jenkins' with 'zuul'aditi
2017-11-02Fix queries using label:Code-Review<=2Akihiro Motoki
2017-10-31dashboards: openstack-ansible: Add new section for failed CI jobsMarkos Chandras
2017-10-21Update Horizon related dashboard configsAkihiro Motoki
2017-10-19Change from Jenkins => ZuulSean Dague
2017-10-18Merge "Add Cinder review dashboard"Zuul
2017-10-12Add Cinder review dashboardSean McGinnis
2017-10-11Fixed reviewedby:self logicIhar Hrachyshka
2017-10-03Merge "Update nova-specs dashboard for queens"Jenkins
2017-10-03Merge "dashboards: openstack-ansible: Fix dashboard for gerrit 2.13"Zuul
2017-10-03Update nova-specs dashboard for queensSean Dague
2017-10-03neutron-infra: Add openstack-zuul-jobsYAMAMOTO Takashi
2017-10-01Merge "Add Watcher Dashboard"Zuul
2017-09-29Merge "Add patrole review dash"Zuul
2017-09-29Add Watcher Dashboardaditi
2017-09-29Add patrole review dashghanshyam
2017-09-21Add general oslo dashStephen Finucane
2017-09-21Remove dead nova dashboardsStephen Finucane
2017-09-21Add general nova dashStephen Finucane
2017-09-21dashboards: openstack-ansible: Fix dashboard for gerrit 2.13Markos Chandras
2017-09-21.gitignore: Ignore '.eggs' directoriesStephen Finucane
2017-09-21Update docs dashboardsStephen Finucane
2017-09-21update syntax in doc-program dashboard file for gerrit 2.13Stephen Finucane
2017-09-20Merge "Further improvements to the networking-cisco dash"Jenkins
2017-09-20update syntax in requirements dashboard file for gerrit 2.13Doug Hellmann
2017-09-20update query syntax on tc dashboard for gerrit 2.13Doug Hellmann
2017-09-19add os-api-ref dashboardSean Dague
2017-09-19Further improvements to the networking-cisco dashSam Betts
2017-09-19update personal dashboardSean Dague
2017-09-19further fixes for devstackSean Dague
2017-09-19fix dashboards for gerrit 2.13Sean Dague
2017-09-04neutron infra: Match with n8g as wellYAMAMOTO Takashi