AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-25Remove pep8 from test-requirements.txtHEADmasterDirk Mueller
2016-09-28TrivialFix: Using assertEqual instead of assertEqualsNam Nguyen Hoai
2016-07-09Fix test decoratorsClint Byrum
2016-07-07Merge "Add basic test coverage for build_spec"Jenkins
2016-07-07Merge "Add test coverage for openstack_git_repo"Jenkins
2016-07-06Add basic test coverage for build_specClint Byrum
2016-07-06Add test coverage for openstack_git_repoClint Byrum
2016-06-27Add py34 and py35 to tox.ini default envsClint Byrum
2016-06-20Remove contraints from postinstall_dependenciesCraig Tracey
2016-06-15Release with upper constraintsJesse Keating
2016-06-15Introduce upper constraintsJesse Keating
2016-05-05Merge "Use newer urllib3"Jenkins
2016-05-05Merge "Update git url for homepage"Jenkins
2016-05-03Use newer urllib3Jesse Keating
2016-05-02Merge "Fix repository URL in README file"Jenkins
2016-05-02Update git url for homepageJesse Keating
2016-05-02Python3 clean upsJesse Keating
2016-04-25Fix repository URL in README fileChristian Berendt
2016-02-16Merge pull request #63 from emonty/gitreviewJesse Keating
2016-02-16Merge pull request #62 from emonty/masterJesse Keating
2016-02-16Add gitreview file for OpenStack GerritMonty Taylor
2016-02-16Prep for being in gerritMonty Taylor
2016-01-27Merge pull request #60 from notnownikki/limit-built-projectsCraig Tracey
2016-01-27Merge pull request #61 from blueboxgroup/venv-brokenCraig Tracey
2016-01-27Use comma separated list of projects for --projectsNicola Heald
2016-01-26Remove downloadcache in tox configCraig Tracey
2016-01-21Add --projects to specify which projects to buildNicola Heald
2015-12-08Merge pull request #59 from xavpaice/masterJesse Keating
2015-12-08Add quotes to package installXav Paice
2015-11-04Merge pull request #57 from blueboxgroup/builder-driversJesse Keating
2015-11-03Update test_builders to make test more resilientCraig Tracey
2015-11-03Add ability to extend builders via builder driversCraig Tracey
2015-10-15Merge branch 'master' of Tracey
2015-10-15Remove CHANGELOG until we update correctlyv2.0.0Craig Tracey
2015-10-15Merge pull request #56 from blueboxgroup/two-dot-ohCraig Tracey
2015-10-15Merge branch 'master' into two-dot-ohCraig Tracey
2015-10-15Merge pull request #55 from blueboxgroup/thread-improvementtwaldrop
2015-10-15Add some threading improvementsCraig Tracey
2015-10-14Merge pull request #54 from blueboxgroup/gitdepthPaul Czarkowski
2015-10-14Merge pull request #53 from blueboxgroup/iterativePaul Czarkowski
2015-10-14Fix git depth issuesCraig Tracey
2015-10-14Install pip dependencies iterativelyCraig Tracey
2015-10-12Merge pull request #52 from blueboxgroup/docker-syncJesse Keating
2015-10-12Docker builds need to be synchronousCraig Tracey
2015-10-09Merge pull request #50 from blueboxgroup/postinstall-depsPaul Czarkowski
2015-10-09Support postinstall python dependenciesCraig Tracey
2015-10-09Merge pull request #49 from blueboxgroup/errant-etcPaul Czarkowski
2015-10-09Merge pull request #48 from blueboxgroup/parallelPaul Czarkowski
2015-10-09Only attempt copy when directory existsCraig Tracey
2015-10-09Add parallel buildsCraig Tracey