BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/policy-refactorUpdate .gitreview for feature/policy-refactorOpenStack Release Bot7 months
masterMerge "Do not use Accept.best_match"Zuul6 days
stable/ocataUse new devstack-plugin-ceph jobAndreas Jaeger5 weeks
stable/pikeMerge "Remove use of broken bandit from tests" into stable/pikeZuul4 days
stable/queensUse new devstack-plugin-ceph jobAndreas Jaeger5 weeks
stable/rockyMerge "Add multihash checks to functional tests" into stable/rockyZuul7 days
17.0.0commit 488d2e4fcc...OpenStack Release Bot8 weeks 488d2e4fcc...OpenStack Release Bot2 months 6884266251...OpenStack Release Bot2 months ff77f59bd4...OpenStack Release Bot3 months 7d3ae1e9a6...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
16.0.1commit 42fe71f9d7...OpenStack Release Bot6 months c6376ea0b3...OpenStack Release Bot6 months
16.0.0commit ceb8b9a67d...OpenStack Release Bot8 months ceb8b9a67d...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
2011.2commit 1975f16933...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-21Use new devstack-plugin-ceph jobstable/ocataAndreas Jaeger
2018-09-20Merge "Make ImageTarget behave like a dictionary" into stable/ocataZuul
2018-08-28import zuul job settings from project-configNguyen Hai
2018-02-08Add release note for Ocata point release14.0.1Brian Rosmaita
2018-02-07Fix tests in stable/ocataHemanth Makkapati
2017-12-04Make ImageTarget behave like a dictionaryCyril Roelandt
2017-12-03Imported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot
2017-05-15Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2017-03-09Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2017-02-10Merge "Update UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/ocata" into stable/ocataJenkins