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Add prelude to Rocky releasenotes17.0.0.0rc1
Also removes the bullet point prelude that was in b3. Change-Id: I3a5c71a93ab404f4a3bb236270706e97e0b12b0d
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1--- 1---
2prelude: >
3 - The ``glance-manage`` utility has been updated to address OpenStack
4 Security Note OSSN-0075.
5security: 2security:
6 - | 3 - |
7 The ``glance-manage`` tool has been updated to address `OSSN-0075`_. 4 The ``glance-manage`` tool has been updated to address `OSSN-0075`_.
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1--- 1---
2prelude: >
3 Automatic image conversion plugin for Interoperable Image Import. This
4 release introduces a new plugin that can be used to convert images to
5 specific format automatically upon image import.
6features: 2features:
7 - | 3 - |
8 Automatic image conversion plugin for Interoperable Image Import. With 4 Automatic image conversion plugin for Interoperable Image Import. With
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2prelude: |
3 This release of OpenStack Glance introduces 2 new API versions. Images
4 API v2.7 adds support and modifications for the Hidden Images and
5 Multihash features introduced during Rocky cycle. Version 2.8 is
6 included as an optional EXPERIMENTAL API for testing and preparing for
7 multiple back-end support.
9 Rocky development cycle marks long waited milestone on Glance work. The
10 Images API v1 which has been deprecated for years is finally removed and
11 not available at all in Glance version 17.0.0 forward.
13 Some security aspects were tackled for this release. Multihash, providing
14 secure hashing for image data with future proof options marks the end of
15 relying upon MD5 checksums when verifying image payloads. OSSN-0075
16 migitation lessens the risk of ID reusability on those very rare cases
17 when a database purge is necessary.
19 When delayed delete is enabled operators are able to recover image records
20 if the scrubber has been stopped before the data removal interval. While
21 the image metadata is still not preserved in these cases, this provides a
22 way to save the image data on accidental deletes.
24 Due to increasing core counts on modern servers Glance services started
25 consuming huge amounts of resources as the default was to spin up equal
26 amount of workers to logical CPUs seen on the host. This automatic scaling
27 was capped to 8 workers limiting the resources consumed. While each worker
28 can handle a pool of connections this limit should be sufficient for most
29 clouds. Large deployments should monitor their performance after upgrade.
31 When using Interoperable Image Import workflow, the cloud operators can
32 now enable automatic image conversion to desired format. When the plugin
33 is enabled end-users do not have any input to its operation but their
34 local checksum might not match with checksums recorded in Glance.