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2017-01-18Implement and Enable Community ImagesTimothy Symanczyk
2016-03-03Fix update all props when you delete imageDarja Shakhray
2016-02-10Move Glance Artifact Repository API to separate endpointAlexander Tivelkov
2016-01-26Merge "Fix for Image members not generating notifications"Jenkins
2016-01-25Fix for Image members not generating notificationsLakshmi N Sampath
2016-01-19Merge "Assert problems in Glance raised by Bandit"Jenkins
2015-12-07Assert problems in Glance raised by BanditDrew Varner
2015-12-07Import i18n functions directlykairat_kushaev
2015-10-05Merge "Port glance.db to Python 3"Jenkins
2015-08-21reuse the deleted image-member before create a new image-memberLong Quan Sha
2015-08-16Port glance.db to Python 3Victor Stinner
2015-06-25Merge "Change generic NotFound to ImageNotFound exception"Jenkins
2015-06-09Domain layer for Artifact RepositoryMike Fedosin
2015-05-30Change generic NotFound to ImageNotFound exceptionAuktavian Garrett
2015-04-16Revert "Reduce DB calls when getting an image"Fei Long Wang
2015-04-08Reduce DB calls when getting an imageKamil Rykowski
2015-03-12Add the ability to specify the sort dir for each keyMike Fedosin
2015-01-22Merge "Move from oslo.config to oslo_config"Jenkins
2015-01-17Merge "Cleanup chunks for deleted image that was 'saving'"Jenkins
2015-01-15Cleanup chunks for deleted image that was 'saving'Zhi Yan Liu
2015-01-12Move from oslo.config to oslo_configLouis Taylor
2015-01-09Move from oslo.utils to oslo_utilsLouis Taylor
2014-12-23Merge "Adds the ability to sort images with multiple keys"Jenkins
2014-12-22Adds the ability to sort images with multiple keysMike Fedosin
2014-12-17Adding Metadef Tag supportWayne Okuma
2014-11-21Move from using _ builtin to using glance.i18n _James Carey
2014-11-15metadef modules should only use - from import jsonRoman Vasilets
2014-10-08Metadef schema column name is a reserved word in MySQLWayne Okuma
2014-10-08Merge "GET property which name includes resource type prefix"Jenkins
2014-10-08GET property which name includes resource type prefixBartosz Fic
2014-10-07Metadef Property and Object schema columns should use JSONEncodedDictWayne Okuma
2014-10-07Switch to oslo.serializationJulien Danjou
2014-10-07Switch to oslo.utilsJulien Danjou
2014-08-30Glance Metadata Definitions Catalog - API2014.2.b3Wayne Okuma
2014-08-18Enforce image_size_cap on v2 uploadTom Leaman
2014-07-11Adding status field to image location -- domain and APIs changesZhi Yan Liu
2014-07-09Resolving the performance issue for image listing of v2 API on serverZhi Yan Liu
2014-04-16Get rid of TaskDetails in favor of TaskStubArnaud Legendre
2014-04-11Fixes Glance Registry V2 clientErno Kuvaja
2014-04-08Adds TaskStub classNikhil Komawar
2014-02-22Merge "Add support for PartialTask list"Jenkins
2014-02-13Add `virtual_size` to Glance's API v2Flavio Percoco
2014-02-12Add support for PartialTask listVenkatesh Sampath
2014-01-29Apply image location selection strategyZhi Yan Liu
2014-01-14Remove vim headerNoboru arai
2014-01-06Remove return stmt of add,save and remove methodJia Dong
2014-01-03Use common Oslo database sessionBoris Pavlovic
2013-12-30Make code base E125 and E126 compliantYanis Guenane
2013-12-11Fix and enable gating on H702Dirk Mueller
2013-11-26Adds domain level support for tasksFei Long Wang