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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-01Remove DB downgradewangxiyuan
2014-02-18Enable hacking H301 and disable H304, H302Julia Varlamova
2014-01-14Remove vim headerNoboru arai
2013-11-27Enable F40X checkingVictor Sergeyev
2013-09-10Changed header from LLC to Foundation based on trademark policiesDirk Mueller
2012-10-15Change useexisting to extend_existing to fix deprecation warnings.David Ripton
2012-10-09Clean up pep8 E128 violationsZhongyue Luo
2012-09-19Clean up pep8 E122, E123 violationsZhongyue Luo
2012-06-19Remove unused imports in db migrationsAlex Meade
2012-06-07Create 'simple' db driverBrian Waldon