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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-01Remove DB downgradewangxiyuan
2016-01-19Merge "Assert problems in Glance raised by Bandit"Jenkins
2015-12-07Assert problems in Glance raised by BanditDrew Varner
2015-12-07Import i18n functions directlykairat_kushaev
2015-07-17Use oslo_utils.encodeutils.exception_to_unicode()Victor Stinner
2015-03-12Move to graduated oslo.log moduleLouis Taylor
2014-11-21Move from using _ builtin to using glance.i18n _James Carey
2014-11-21Change Glance to use i18n instead of gettextutilsErno Kuvaja
2014-10-06hacking: upgrade to 0.9.x serieJulien Danjou
2014-07-17Refactoring Glance logging lowering levelsErno Kuvaja
2014-05-05Replace unicode() for six.text_typeLeandro I. Costantino
2014-03-11Merge "Log 'image_id' with all BadStoreURI error messages"Jenkins
2014-02-21Log 'image_id' with all BadStoreURI error messagesVenkatesh Sampath
2014-02-18Keep py3.X compatibility for urllibFengqian Gao
2014-02-17Use six.moves.urllib.parse instead of urlparseFengqian Gao
2014-01-16Merge "Bump hacking to 0.8 and get python 3.x compatibility"Jenkins
2014-01-14Remove vim headerNoboru arai
2014-01-09Bump hacking to 0.8 and get python 3.x compatibilitySergio Cazzolato
2013-10-10Avoid printing URIs which can contain credentialsStuart McLaren
2013-03-15Remove internal store references from migration 015John Bresnahan
2013-02-22Fix migration 015 downgrade with sqlite.Matthew Treinish
2013-02-17Updates OpenStack LLC with OpenStack Foundationannegentle
2012-09-29Clean up pep8 E127 violationsZhongyue Luo
2012-09-19Clean up pep8 E122, E123 violationsZhongyue Luo
2012-07-20Adds multi tenant support for swift backend.Dan Prince
2012-07-12Update 'logging' imports to openstack-commonBrian Waldon
2012-06-25Standardize logger instantiationBrian Waldon
2012-06-18Stop revealing sensitive store infoAlex Meade
2012-06-11Add tests and simplify GlanceExceptions.Alex Meade
2012-06-07Create 'simple' db driverBrian Waldon