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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-29Refine migration query added with CI changeDharini Chandrasekar
2017-01-18Implement and Enable Community ImagesTimothy Symanczyk
2016-09-01Remove DB downgradewangxiyuan
2016-07-26Update sqlalchemy-migrate urlHemanth Makkapati
2016-03-14fix docstring warnings and errorsTom Cocozzello
2016-02-02Change Metadefs OS::Nova::Instance to OS::Nova::ServerTravis Tripp
2016-01-19Merge "Assert problems in Glance raised by Bandit"Jenkins
2015-12-10Replace oslo_utils.timeutilsJulien Danjou
2015-12-07Assert problems in Glance raised by BanditDrew Varner
2015-12-07Import i18n functions directlykairat_kushaev
2015-11-16Support new v2 API image filtersSteve Lewis
2015-09-30Change string generation mechanism for info loggingkairat_kushaev
2015-09-11Incorrect permissions on database migration fileWayne Okuma
2015-09-11Merge "Glance metadef tables need unique constraints."Jenkins
2015-09-04clean up requirementsMatthew Edmonds
2015-09-02Glance metadef tables need unique constraints.Wayne Okuma
2015-08-19Merge "Fix the db_sync problem in 039 for db2"Jenkins
2015-08-05Merge "Fix existing migrations to create utf-8 tables for MySQL DB"Jenkins
2015-07-29Fix existing migrations to create utf-8 tables for MySQL DBSabari Kumar Murugesan
2015-07-17Use oslo_utils.encodeutils.exception_to_unicode()Victor Stinner
2015-06-27Fix duplicate unique constraint in sqlite migrationBrant Knudson
2015-06-24Fix the db_sync problem in 039 for db2Jun Hong Li
2015-06-12Fix Python 3 issuesVictor Stinner
2015-03-27Database layer for Artifact RepositoryAlexander Tivelkov
2015-03-24Fix metadef tags migrationsMike Fedosin
2015-03-18Merge "Add sync check for models_metadef"Jenkins
2015-03-12Move to graduated oslo.log moduleLouis Taylor
2015-03-11Add sync check for models_metadefOleksii Chuprykov
2015-02-17Remove redundant parentheses in conditional statementsKamil Rykowski
2015-01-22Merge "Move from oslo.db to oslo_db"Jenkins
2015-01-22Merge "Move from oslo.config to oslo_config"Jenkins
2015-01-13SQL scripts should not manage transactionsIhar Hrachyshka
2015-01-12Move from oslo.db to oslo_dbLouis Taylor
2015-01-12Move from oslo.config to oslo_configLouis Taylor
2015-01-09Move from oslo.utils to oslo_utilsLouis Taylor
2014-12-17Adding Metadef Tag supportWayne Okuma
2014-11-25Alter models and add migrationOleksii Chuprykov
2014-11-21Move from using _ builtin to using glance.i18n _James Carey
2014-11-21Change Glance to use i18n instead of gettextutilsErno Kuvaja
2014-10-08Metadef schema column name is a reserved word in MySQLWayne Okuma
2014-10-07Metadef Property and Object schema columns should use JSONEncodedDictWayne Okuma
2014-10-07Switch to oslo.utilsJulien Danjou
2014-10-06hacking: upgrade to 0.9.x serieJulien Danjou
2014-09-30Refactor test_migrations moduleOleksii Chuprykov
2014-09-08Adopt library in GlanceFlavio Percoco
2014-08-28Glance Metadata Definitions Catalog - DBPawel Koniszewski
2014-08-08Fix migration on older postgresMatthew Booth
2014-08-02Quota column name 'key' in downgrade scriptZhi Yan Liu
2014-07-17Refactoring Glance logging lowering levelsErno Kuvaja
2014-06-06replace dict.iteritems() with six.iteritems(dict)Christian Berendt