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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-02Add expand/migrate/contract migrations for CIHemanth Makkapati
2017-02-01Add expand/migrate/contract commands to glance-manage CLIAlexander Bashmakov
2017-02-01Refactor tests to use Alembic to run migrationsHemanth Makkapati
2017-01-31Port Glance Migrations to AlembicHemanth Makkapati
2017-01-29Refine migration query added with CI changeDharini Chandrasekar
2017-01-20Fix regression introduced by Community ImagesIan Cordasco
2017-01-19Merge "Implement and Enable Community Images"Jenkins
2017-01-18Implement and Enable Community ImagesTimothy Symanczyk
2016-12-01Python 3: fix glance.tests.functional.db.test_sqlalchemyCyril Roelandt
2016-11-08Merge "Added overwrite warning for db_export_metadefs."Jenkins
2016-11-08Added overwrite warning for db_export_metadefs.Alexander Bashmakov
2016-10-17Drop unused import cfgLi Wei
2016-10-07Merge "TrivialFix: Remove unused variable"Jenkins
2016-10-01Merge "Fix using filter() to meet python2,3"Jenkins
2016-09-08TrivialFix: Remove unused variableNguyen Hung Phuong
2016-09-01Merge "Remove DB downgrade"Jenkins
2016-09-01Remove DB downgradewangxiyuan
2016-08-31Improving help text for metadefs config optionBrian Rosmaita
2016-08-30Fix using filter() to meet python2,3Ha Van Tu
2016-07-30Merge "Add check to limit maximum value of max_rows"Jenkins
2016-07-26Update sqlalchemy-migrate urlHemanth Makkapati
2016-07-07Correct reraising of exceptionBin Zhou
2016-06-07Add a soft delete functionality for tasks.GeetikaBatra
2016-05-30Add check to limit maximum value of max_rowsDinesh Bhor
2016-04-15Return BadRequest for 4 byte unicode charactersbhagyashris
2016-04-07Modified message of exception and logPankaj Mishra
2016-04-06Merge "Fix db purge type validation"Jenkins
2016-03-24Merge "Copy the size of the tag set"Jenkins
2016-03-24Fix db purge type validationdineshbhor
2016-03-23Copy the size of the tag setNiall Bunting
2016-03-21Merge "fix docstring warnings and errors"Jenkins
2016-03-14fix docstring warnings and errorsTom Cocozzello
2016-03-11glance-manage db purge failure for limitAbhishek Kekane
2016-03-03Fix update all props when you delete imageDarja Shakhray
2016-03-03Merge "Fix message formatting in glance-manage purge"
2016-03-01Fix message formatting in glance-manage purgeDinesh Bhor
2016-02-26Merge "Added support new v2 API image filters"Jenkins
2016-02-22Python 3: fix glance.tests.functional.db.simpleCyril Roelandt
2016-02-20Added support new v2 API image filtersDarja Shakhray
2016-02-10Move Glance Artifact Repository API to separate endpointAlexander Tivelkov
2016-02-02Change Metadefs OS::Nova::Instance to OS::Nova::ServerTravis Tripp
2016-01-26Merge "Fix for Image members not generating notifications"Jenkins
2016-01-25Fix for Image members not generating notificationsLakshmi N Sampath
2016-01-21Merge "Fix re-adding deleted members to an image in v1"Jenkins
2016-01-20Fix re-adding deleted members to an image in v1Sabari Kumar Murugesan
2016-01-19Merge "Assert problems in Glance raised by Bandit"Jenkins
2015-12-27Remove unused logging importhouming-wang
2015-12-19Merge "Add db purge command"Jenkins
2015-12-17Fix model sync for SQLiteMike Fedosin
2015-12-11Add db purge commandMartin Mágr