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masterMerge "Remove references to queue in Zaqar's description"Jenkins3 days
april-2014-electionscommit d24ac6ffc0...Thierry Carrez6 months
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3 daysMerge "Remove references to queue in Zaqar's description"HEADmasterJenkins
3 daysMerge "Add tempest-lib to the QA Program"Jenkins
3 daysMerge "The Oslo program is adopting pylockfile"Jenkins
7 daysRemove references to queue in Zaqar's descriptionrefs/changes/11/121511/1Flavio Percoco
12 daysGraduate the Baremetal (Ironic) servicerefs/changes/25/120225/1Devananda van der Veen
13 daysAdd tempest-lib to the QA Programrefs/changes/35/119935/1Matthew Treinish
2014-09-03Merge "Add oslo.concurrency to the Oslo program"Jenkins
2014-09-02Add oslo.log to the Oslo programrefs/changes/94/116994/3Davanum Srinivas
2014-08-28The Oslo program is adopting pylockfilerefs/changes/22/117622/1Doug Hellmann
2014-08-27Add oslo.concurrency to the Oslo programrefs/changes/45/117345/1Davanum Srinivas