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masterMerge "Add a tag for affiliation diversity"Jenkins13 hours
sept-2014-electionscommit 5923e6e2ea...Thierry Carrez6 months
april-2014-electionscommit d24ac6ffc0...Thierry Carrez12 months
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13 hoursMerge "Add a tag for affiliation diversity"HEADmasterJenkins
3 daysMerge "Add puppet-puppet project"Jenkins
3 daysMerge "Add coreos-image-builder to Ironic"Jenkins
3 daysMerge "Add oslo.cache to reference/projects.yaml"Jenkins
3 daysMerge "Adds puppet-bandersnatch to Infrastructure"Jenkins
3 daysMerge "Adding the Murano Application Catalog to OpenStack"Jenkins
3 daysMerge "Magnum - OpenStack Containers Service"Jenkins
7 daysAdd a tag for affiliation diversityrefs/changes/51/163851/6Russell Bryant
7 daysAdding the Murano Application Catalog to OpenStackrefs/changes/45/162745/8Serg Melikyan
9 daysAdd puppet-puppet projectrefs/changes/38/165438/1Yolanda Robla