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masterMerge "Vitrage status of Pike release goals"Jenkins4 days
jan-2017-electionscommit 1d361a81f6...Thierry Carrez3 months
sept-2016-electionscommit 48509ce09a...Thierry Carrez8 months
march-2016-electionscommit 1d4d0335df...Thierry Carrez13 months
sept-2015-electionscommit 0417e315bc...Thierry Carrez19 months
april-2015-electionscommit c13377dd51...Thierry Carrez2 years
sept-2014-electionscommit 5923e6e2ea...Thierry Carrez3 years
april-2014-electionscommit d24ac6ffc0...Thierry Carrez3 years
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4 daysMerge "Vitrage status of Pike release goals"HEADmasterJenkins
4 daysMerge "Add Pike python35 Goal planning for Solum"Jenkins
4 daysMerge "Add murano pike goals artefact information"Jenkins
5 daysMerge "Add os_karbor to OpenStack-Ansible"Jenkins
6 daysMerge "Add Pike python35 Goal planning for OSA"Jenkins
6 daysMerge "Acknowledge goal-python35 for Monasca"Jenkins
6 daysMerge "Acknowledge goal-deploy-api-in-wsgi for Monasca"Jenkins
6 daysMerge "Add docs planning artifact for goal-python35"Jenkins
6 daysMerge "Add docs planning artifact for goal-deploy-api-in-wsgi"Jenkins
6 daysMerge "Remove App Catalog from official projects"Jenkins