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masterMerge "Adds the openstack/os-net-config to TripleO..."Jenkins5 hours
april-2014-electionscommit d24ac6ffc0...Thierry Carrez4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 hoursMerge "Adds the openstack/os-net-config to TripleO..."HEADmasterJenkins
5 hoursMerge "Sync programs.yaml with current gerrit repos"Jenkins
5 hoursMerge "Adding Horizon mission statement"Jenkins
18 hoursMerge "Updates the Designate repo namespace to openstack/"Jenkins
2 daysMerge "2014-07-11 Election Activities"Jenkins
8 daysAdds the openstack/os-net-config to TripleO...refs/changes/45/108745/1Dan Prince
13 daysSync programs.yaml with current gerrit reposrefs/changes/90/107690/1Thierry Carrez
2014-07-16Updates the Designate repo namespace to openstack/refs/changes/95/107395/1Anita Kuno
2014-07-16Merge "Propose scores for DefCore capabilities"Jenkins
2014-07-16Merge "Current version of DefCore capability scoring"Jenkins