AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-18Dual-stack L3-Policy mappingHEADmasterThomas Bachman
2017-02-22Merge "Grouping of PTGs based on Application Characteristics"Jenkins
2016-08-17L3-Policy mapping to Address Scope & SubnetpoolSumit Naiksatam
2016-07-08Grouping of PTGs based on Application CharacteristicsSumit Naiksatam
2016-05-12Fixing the deprecated library function.sharat.sharma
2016-05-02Fixed IP address as optional attributes for PTSumit Naiksatam
2016-04-19Network Function Plugin Framework for GBPHemanth Ravi
2016-04-01Merge "Status attributes in the resource model"Jenkins
2016-03-29Status attributes in the resource modelSumit Naiksatam
2016-03-14Initial support for Quality of ServiceIgor Duarte Cardoso
2016-02-02Prepare repo for Mitaka specsIgor Duarte Cardoso
2016-01-25Merge "introduce PT cluster_id for HA policy targets"Jenkins
2015-12-07Allow control of default route injectionSumit Naiksatam
2015-11-07introduce PT cluster_id for HA policy targetsIvar Lazzaro
2015-10-20Merge "introducint TScP and PROXY_GROUP extension"Jenkins
2015-10-20Merge "define get plumbing info terminology"Jenkins
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-10-08introducint TScP and PROXY_GROUP extensionIvar Lazzaro
2015-09-03define get plumbing info terminologyIvar Lazzaro
2015-06-11Merge "servicechain refactor update"Jenkins
2015-06-10servicechain refactor updateIvar Lazzaro
2015-06-07Merge "GBP Floating IP Support for Policy Target(s)"Jenkins
2015-05-11GBP Floating IP Support for Policy Target(s)Magesh GV
2015-05-05Service Chain Driver refactoringSumit Naiksatam
2015-04-20share servicechain objectsIvar Lazzaro
2015-04-15tox doesn't fail anymore at the py27 environmentIgor Duarte Cardoso
2015-02-25Refactor GBP with the Neutron RESTful APIsYapeng Wu
2015-01-30Merge "Adding kilo branch"Jenkins
2015-01-29Adding kilo branchYapeng Wu
2014-12-08Merge "Represent External Connectivity in GBP"Jenkins
2014-12-05Workflow documentation is now in infra-manualJeremy Stanley
2014-12-04Represent External Connectivity in GBPIvar Lazzaro
2014-11-29Merge "Introduce globally shared resources"Jenkins
2014-11-27Merge "Group-based Policy policy driver for OpenDaylight Controller Implement...Jenkins
2014-11-26Group-based Policy policy driver for OpenDaylight ControllerStephen Wong
2014-11-25Merge "Specification for GBP driver for Nuage networks"Jenkins
2014-11-25Introduce globally shared resourcesIvar Lazzaro
2014-11-25Specification for GBP driver for Nuage networksronak
2014-11-17EP, EPG, and Contract renaming and other cleanupSumit Naiksatam
2014-11-10Merge "Extension driver specification"Jenkins
2014-10-30Merge "GBP plugin driver for One Convergence NVSD controller"Jenkins
2014-10-30Merge "Service Chain driver for NVSD Controller"Jenkins
2014-10-29Merge "Add ServicePolicy and update PolicyLabels"Jenkins
2014-10-29Merge "APIC Mapping driver for GBP"Jenkins
2014-10-29Add ServicePolicy and update PolicyLabelsSumit Naiksatam
2014-10-28Modified parameter name to service_paramsHemanth Ravi
2014-10-26Service Chain driver for NVSD ControllerHemanth Ravi
2014-10-26GBP plugin driver for One Convergence NVSD controllerHemanth Ravi
2014-10-23Heat resources for group based policy APIHemanth Ravi
2014-10-23APIC Mapping driver for GBPIvar Lazzaro