BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/qosQuality of Service support via NSPsIgor Duarte Cardoso23 months
feature/refactorRefactor GBP resource mapping with Neutron RESTful APIsYi Yang4 years
masterUse a better name for the importsKent Wu6 weeks
stable/mitakaFix per-project quotas for L3 pluginThomas Bachman14 months
stable/newtonUse cascade delete instead for SG deletionKent Wu8 weeks
stable/ocataUse cascade delete instead for SG deletionKent Wu8 weeks
stable/pikePoint to pike branch for gbp-clientKent Wu6 weeks
stable/queensPoint python-opflex-agent and gbp-client to use queens branchKent Wu6 weeks
5.13.0commit 88fe779d5a...Thomas Bachman4 weeks
6.8.0commit bd5a5f38b0...Thomas Bachman4 weeks
7.2.0commit 222cdc84de...Thomas Bachman4 weeks
8.0.0commit fb9430c541...Thomas Bachman4 weeks
5.12.0commit 4af91eb3a6...Sumit Naiksatam3 months
6.7.0commit 6e6177ba8d...Sumit Naiksatam3 months
7.1.0commit 61d738f8b6...Sumit Naiksatam3 months
7.0.0commit 692774fb47...Sumit Naiksatam4 months
5.11.0commit a76c19c399...Sumit Naiksatam6 months
6.6.0commit 6abc8435a2...Sumit Naiksatam6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-11Use a better name for the importsHEADmasterKent Wu
2018-09-07For queens syncKent Wu
2018-08-30Use cascade delete instead for SG deletionKent Wu
2018-08-26[AIM] Repair missing extension data when validatingRobert Kukura
2018-08-11[AIM] Bulk extension for ML2PlusIvar Lazzaro
2018-08-08Fix initialization for migration toolThomas Bachman
2018-07-27Merge "[AIM] Improve validation/repair/migration tool UTs"Zuul
2018-07-26[AIM] Improve validation/repair/migration tool UTsRobert Kukura
2018-07-25Conditionally add nested-host-vlanSumit Naiksatam
2018-07-19Merge "[AIM] Validate network segments and port bindings"Zuul