AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysfix typo in releasenoteHEAD1.0.0masterricolin
5 daysMerge "Added leftover change in horizon"Zuul
5 daysMerge "comment out logging configuration for heatclient"Zuul
5 daysAdded leftover change in horizonkaz_shinohara
5 dayscomment out logging configuration for heatclientkaz_shinohara
6 daysMerge "Align with other projects"Zuul
6 daysUpdate to resolve a couple of issueskaz_shinohara
7 daysFix nova server networks config optionsXinni Ge
8 daysMerge "Deleted locale dir & Updated babel-django.cfg"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Add user doc of template generator"Zuul
8 daysAdd user doc of template generatorXinni Ge
8 daysDeleted locale dir & Updated babel-django.cfgkaz_shinohara
8 daysMerge "Split out heat own items from Horizon settings."Zuul
8 daysSplit out heat own items from Horizon settings.Keiichi Hikita
8 daysMigrate Heat relevant docs to Heat Dashboardkaz_shinohara
11 daysRemove unnecessary `$locationProvider` settingsXinni Ge
11 daysMerge "Change rewriteLinks to false"Zuul
12 daysMerge "Partially Revert "Updated release note toward Queens release.""Zuul
12 daysChange rewriteLinks to falseXinni Ge
12 daysAlign with other projectsAkihiro Motoki
12 daysFix mistake in devstack installation procedure.Keiichi Hikita
13 daysPartially Revert "Updated release note toward Queens release."Akihiro Motoki
13 daysMerge "Updated release note toward Queens release."Zuul
13 daysUpdated release note toward Queens release.kaz_shinohara
13 daysMerge "Fix installation procedure for heat_policy.json according to Horizon t...Zuul
13 daysFix installation procedure for heat_policy.jsonKeiichi Hikita
13 daysChange page header name to Template Generatorkaz_shinohara
2017-11-28Merge "Submit generated template file directly"Zuul
2017-11-27Submit generated template file directlyXinni Ge
2017-11-22Merge "Remove setting of version/release from releasenotes"Zuul
2017-11-21Added procedure to enable heat_policy.json.Keiichi Hikita
2017-11-21Merge "Remove"Zuul
2017-11-21Merge "Add resources svg to heat-dashboard"Zuul
2017-11-21Remove Hikita
2017-11-21Fix installation procedure due to lack of process.Keiichi Hikita
2017-11-20Merge "Taken over policy file for heat from Horizon repository."Zuul
2017-11-17Remove setting of version/release from releasenotesricolin
2017-11-16Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2017-11-16Taken over policy file for heat from Horizon repository.Keiichi Hikita
2017-11-16Merge "In future, Horizon team is planning to remove heat relevant logic like...Zuul
2017-11-16In future, Horizon team is planning to remove heat relevant logic like,Keiichi Hikita
2017-11-15Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2017-11-14Merge "Consume horizon in-tree django variant jobs"Zuul
2017-11-14Add resources svg to heat-dashboardXinni Ge
2017-11-14Consume horizon in-tree django variant jobsAkihiro Motoki
2017-11-13Modify Neutron Router modalXinni Ge
2017-11-07Clean up npm package dependenciesXinni Ge
2017-11-01Add in repo zuul job definitionkaz_shinohara
2017-11-01Merge "Add unittests for template generator angular"Zuul
2017-10-31Add initial files as devstack settings/documents/requirements.Keiichi Hikita