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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-18Make scheduler.Timeout exception hashableZane Bitter
2017-06-29Get cancellation grace period correctlyhuangtianhua
2017-03-25Remove log translationsliyi
2016-12-20Avoid Forcing the Translation of Translatable VariablesLuong Anh Tuan
2016-09-22Avoid circular refs more aggressively in DependencyTaskGroupZane Bitter
2016-07-20Merge "Raise the last exception thrown into DependencyTaskGroup"Jenkins
2016-07-20Merge "Scheduler: Add a progress callback to TaskRunner"Jenkins
2016-07-20Merge "Always call TaskRunner._sleep()"Jenkins
2016-07-20Merge "Scheduler: Allow TaskRunner to be used as a task"Jenkins
2016-07-18Implement the correct total ordering for scheduler.TimeoutZane Bitter
2016-07-18Raise the last exception thrown into DependencyTaskGroupZane Bitter
2016-07-18Scheduler: Add a progress callback to TaskRunnerZane Bitter
2016-07-18Always call TaskRunner._sleep()Zane Bitter
2016-07-18Scheduler: Allow TaskRunner to be used as a taskZane Bitter
2016-07-13Scheduler: Allow a per-task customisable grace periodZane Bitter
2016-07-13Catch exceptions when cancelling tasks in DependencyTaskGroupZane Bitter
2016-05-17Allow scheduler tasks to request longer wait periodsZane Bitter
2016-04-04Fix unfortunate spelling errorZane Bitter
2016-03-30Avoid reference loops in DependencyTaskGroupZane Bitter
2016-03-04Fix problems in unicode template supportEthan Lynn
2016-02-10Fix scheduler compatibility with Python 3.7 harderZane Bitter
2016-01-14Raise with tracebackricolin
2015-12-08Merge "Improve log messages from scheduler"Jenkins
2015-12-07Eliminate unnecessary sleeps during no-op updateZane Bitter
2015-12-04Improve log messages from schedulerZane Bitter
2015-11-10Fix garbled docstringsZane Bitter
2015-11-10Fix scheduler compatibility with Python 3.7Zane Bitter
2015-09-25Merge "py34: Get rid of py3-testlist"Jenkins
2015-09-23Some lambda were replaced on defDmitry Tyurnikov
2015-09-22py34: Get rid of py3-testlistSirushti Murugesan
2015-09-21Fix [H405] pep rule in heat/enginePeter Razumovsky
2015-07-28Do not use VolumeTasks in AWS Instance createPavlo Shchelokovskyy
2015-07-22Merge "Get heat.tests.test_stack* working in py34 env"Jenkins
2015-07-18Refactor timeout calculation to utilityRabi Mishra
2015-07-14Get heat.tests.test_stack* working in py34 envSirushti Murugesan
2015-07-09Adopt @six.python_2_unicode_compatible decoratorSirushti Murugesan
2015-07-02Add __bool__ for classes that implement __nonzero__Sirushti Murugesan
2015-04-24Update the rest of the code to satisfy flake8 in a py34 envSirushti Murugesan
2015-04-24Use six.text_type and six.reraiseSirushti Murugesan
2015-04-24Use Murugesan
2015-04-23Update xrange and lambda for python3Sirushti Murugesan
2015-04-21Use six.itervalues(x) instead of x.values()Tetiana Lashchova
2015-04-02Do sleep(0) for first task sleepSteve Baker
2015-03-02Merge "Add code tag for from_task_with_args() docstring"Jenkins
2015-02-28Add code tag for from_task_with_args() docstringmatts2006
2015-02-26Add 2to3 compatibility for functools.wrapskairat_kushaev
2015-02-18Make import of oslo libraries namespacelessJens Rosenboom
2015-02-17Move logging to use oslo_log librarySteven Hardy
2015-01-22Convert unicode to six in heat/enginePeter Razumovsky
2014-11-26Fix [H302] errors in heat/enginePeter Razumovsky