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2017-12-05Drop Heat related code from horizonAkihiro Motoki
2017-04-07Delete instance,volume,etc confirmation is missing name or IDwei.ying
2017-01-05Add default common template to python table viewsRob Cresswell
2016-04-09Fix remaining Django 1.9 test failuresRob Cresswell
2016-03-14Branding: Workflow cancel btn should be themableDiana Whitten
2016-01-14Fixed the width of the stack template detail boxLucas Palm
2016-01-07Correcting heat resource drill downeric
2015-11-16Drop Django 1.7 supportRob Cresswell
2015-11-09Add breadcrumb to more details pagesRob Cresswell
2015-10-19Wrong url in stack preview detail pageMasco Kaliyamoorthy
2015-03-17Merge "Clean modal forms in Orchestration Stacks"Jenkins
2015-03-13Clean modal forms in Orchestration StacksTatiana Ovchinnikova
2015-03-13Add "Preview Stack" action to Stacks tableTatiana Ovchinnikova
2015-03-09Always show stack status reason in topologyliyingjun
2015-02-11Reduce page title duplication in StacksSam Betts
2015-02-11Reduced code duplication in creating page headersSam Betts
2015-01-19Unify the syntax used for the {% ... %} delimter in Jinja2 templatesChristian Berendt
2015-01-05Fixed display issues on Details Page caused by bootstrap 3 updateAaron Sahlin
2014-12-11Fixes Inconsistent usage of Detail / Detailsnikunj2512
2014-12-02Create titles without concatenationDoug Fish
2014-11-21place the word "Info" with "Information"Kahou Lei
2014-11-11'Stack Template' tab for Heat Stack Details pageTatiana Ovchinnikova
2014-10-09fixed errors when --makemessagesGloria Gu
2014-10-09Revert file permissions changed unexpectedlyAkihiro Motoki
2014-10-07Add ':' inside translatable (Part 2 of 2)Aaron Sahlin
2014-10-07Merge "show correct link to compute instances in stack resource overview tab"Jenkins
2014-08-21show correct link to compute instances in stack resource overview tabMiguel Grinberg
2014-08-27Improve help messages on modalsAshish Chandra
2014-07-28Update Twitter Bootstrap to version 3Jiri Tomasek
2014-04-09Introduces escaping in Horizon/OrchestrationCristianFiorentino
2014-03-26Handle "null" time values for StacksJulie Pichon
2014-03-06Adding resource link to resource detail page in Heat viewJordan OMara
2014-03-04Heat Stack update view/formJordan OMara
2013-08-27Rename heat logical_resource_id to resource_nameSteve Baker
2013-07-16Adding Heat Resource Topology to Horizon2013.2.b2Tim Schnell
2013-07-03Implementation of a Heat stacks UI.Steve Baker