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masterAdded support for SSL connections: Wamp and Service Manager updated.Nicola Peditto12 days
0.2.0commit 5ef7ad4b0b...Nicola Peditto5 weeks
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12 daysAdded support for SSL connections: Wamp and Service Manager updated.HEADmasterNicola Peditto
2018-05-31Adding network_managerZakaria Benomar
2018-05-09Installation procedures fixed.0.2.0Nicola Peditto
2018-03-07Updated Module class: restore method was added and all modules was upgraded. ...Nicola Peditto
2018-02-13Added Cloud Service ManagerNicola Peditto
2018-02-07Moved to Python 3.5Nicola Peditto
2017-05-08Plugin Manager updated. Added installation guides.Nicola Peditto
2017-05-02Bux fixed in conf template files.Nicola Peditto
2017-05-02Bug fixed in conf files templates. Update plugin APIs.Nicola Peditto
2017-04-26Some updates.Nicola Peditto