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7 daysRestyled some menus and minor fixes.HEAD0.4.1masterCarmelo Romeo
10 daysIntroduced management of webservices and added the corresponding menu items i...0.4.0Carmelo Romeo
2018-10-29Fixed some minor bugs and improved change fleet management for boards0.3.6Carmelo Romeo
2018-10-15Added fleet management0.3.5Carmelo Romeo
2018-10-15Added fleet managementCarmelo Romeo
2018-05-25Updated missing source link in README0.3.0Carmelo Romeo
2018-05-25Updated documentationCarmelo Romeo
2018-05-25Code cleaned after Vancouver DemoCarmelo Romeo
2018-05-10Added service panel and managementCarmelo Romeo
2018-05-07startCarmelo Romeo
2017-05-18Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator